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Originally starting off as a pickup truck with a cabover engine way back in 1966, this plucky campervan has risen to relative fame and has a strong fanbasem especially in the UK. Sadly, production of these quirky vans came to an end in 2018, so we're afraid you will have no luck trying to get a 2019 edition. Fear not however! as their legacy and use will live on for many years, and we are of course happy to announce a number of them are for hire right here on Goboony! The Mazda Bongo is an ideal camper for the adventurous type. With a compact design and typically coming with four wheel drive, these Mazda campervans have a steadily growing fan following to rival that of even the T2. At Goboony we are proud to have vehicles for hire of all shapes sizes and ages, and we know holidaymakers will enjoy Mazda campervans as much as we do. The Mazda Friendee version is also available for hire which has a history all of its own (many were imported from Japan to be converted to campervans). Before conversion, the Mazda Friendee is an 8 seated minivan which really optimises space for the whole family! 

Our friends over at Bongo Buddy have a wealth of information for Bongo owners, as well as info on events and great tips if you are interested in having an adventure in a Bongo. 

Mazda Bongos for hire on Goboony

Below you can see a list of some of the Mazda Bongos and Mazda Friendees available for hire on Goboony, find the right one for your own adventure! If you know someone who owns a Bongo and perhaps doesn't get enough use out of it, be sure to let them know where they can earn some income through hiring it out! As far as we see it, the larger our Mazda Campervan community the better! As many of them are modded or have been converted, it's always a good idea to inquire as to what kind of amenities your Bongo will come with. Some have awnings to provide some cooling shade you on your road trip, and others even have a kitchen installed, meaning you can cook, sleep and travel all in the same space some people use to take their kids to football practice (impressive right?). Owners of the Mazda Bongo are often very knowledgeable on their rides, as is to be expected from an owner of what one could describe as a cult classic. They should be able to give you all the advice and info you need to get your fun and adventures underway!