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Classic Campervan Hire UK

There is a reason they call them classic, because every motorhome after will be compared to them. They are stylish, they are simplistic, they are vintage. At Goboony, we not only admire classic motorhomes, we give you the chance to hire a classic motorhome. Take this opportunity to hire a classic campervan and take it out for a spin. Driving down the roads in an aged beauty will ensure everyone’s eyes are on you, and it will make the perfect backdrop for your holiday photos. If you hire a classic motorhome, you’re hiring a reliable motorhome. They’re sturdy and will get you to where you need to go. Whilst you wouldn’t hire a classic campervan for a family vacation unless you enjoyed resembling a tin of sardines, we can’t think of anything more perfect for a romantic getaway or a city escape.

Below you can find a selection of classic motorhomes available through Goboony. So why not surprise your partner, parent or friend by hiring a classic campervan and escaping reality for a long weekend? Spend your bank holiday doing a Wales Road Trip, or cross the waters next summer and enjoy a campervan holiday around France. Maybe check out our list of the top road trips ideas in Europe - but be sure not to leave behind these commonly forgotten items!

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