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Calculate what you can earn with your motorhome!
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Are you planning on renting out your motorhome and want to know what you can earn from it?

Take the earnings calculator test!

The calculator walks you through several easy steps to give you an indication of expected earnings on Goboony:

Step 1: Choose the type of motorhome (compact, alcove, semi-integrated or integrated)
Step 2: Fill in the year of first registration for your motorhome.
Step 3: Fill in how many people can sleep in your motorhome.
Step 4: Fill in whether or not pets are allowed.

Going through these steps (it only takes you 1 minute) gives an idea of what kind of motorhome you have, and compares it to existing prices of motorhomes within our user base. This in turn gives you an outline of how much you can earn by sharing your motorhome, helping you get a return on your investment!

Why hire a motorhome through Goboony?

Flexibility in the event of lockdown restrictions.
40% lower pricing than traditional rental companies
Choose from the largest fleet in the UK
Affordable £150 deposit with our Excess Insurance
Personal support
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