From Camptoo to Goboony: Welcome!

Camptoo is no longer active

On the 26th of October, 2022, Camptoo declared bankruptcy. This is why you can no longer hire or list a motorhome on their site, and all existing bookings have been cancelled.  As a result of this, the administrator has agreed to direct all Camptoo users to Goboony, the UK’s leading motorhome-sharing platform. Please note: Goboony will not take over Camptoo’s business operations and is therefore not liable for its debts.

Goboony is happy to help

As the leading motorhome-sharing platform in Europe, over 100,000 travellers set off in a Goboony motorhome each year. So if you're looking to hire a motorhome, list your motorhome, or find a new place for your cancelled booking, you've come to the right place. We're happy to help, and here's everything we can do.

I had a booking on Camptoo and my trip has been cancelled

Would you still like to take a motorhome holiday? Then you can move your booking to Goboony with a 7.5% discount (up to a maximum of the prepayment made on Camptoo). You can also use this discount to book a different motorhome than your original trip with Camptoo. View our large selection of motorhomes to find one now. 

Goboony is fully compliant with all European regulations regarding secure payments. This means that all payments and deposits are managed by a certified bank and sent directly to their recipient. You can read more about our PSD2 compliance.

Read Camptoo's official statement here.

I hire out on Camptoo and my bookings have been cancelled

At Goboony, you can hire out your motorhome safely and hassle-free. If you would like to list on Goboony, we can move over your entire listing, complete with reviews. If you have the traveller’s contact details, you can send your new listing to them. Unfortunately, we can’t access their information, but they’ll be able to find you through Goboony. They’ve been notified of this as well. Furthermore, you can offer these travellers a 7.5% discount on their booking (up to a maximum of the prepayment) which will be covered by Goboony. Would you like to know more about hiring out on Goboony? Find out more.

Read Camptoo's official statement here.

I'm looking for a motorhome

Great! You'll love the freedom of motorhome travel. At Goboony, you'll find thousands of motorhomes, so your perfect van is never too far from home. Don't forget to enter your location and use our filters. This ensures that you find the right vehicle for your trip. Find a motorhome.

I want to read about motorhome trips, beautiful routes and destinations, or practical tips

If you're looking to learn more about the freedom of motorhome travel, you'll find everything you need on our blog. We cover the best road trips, unknown destinations, toll road tips, advice from experts and more. We also offer free e-books on a wide range of topics. Discover more now.

I want to know more about hiring out my motorhome on Goboony

At Goboony, you can hire out your motorhome safely and hassle-free. Over 9,000 private owners across Europe use our platform to share their motorhome and earn an additional income. Would you like to find out more about hiring out on Goboony? Learn more.

I'm looking for a caravan

At Camptoo, you could find both motorhomes and caravans for hire. At Goboony, we only offer motorhomes. The freedom you experience during a motorhome trip is incomparable, and we'd love to tell you more about it. Check out our tips for your first motorhome holiday.