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We hired this 2019 model motorhome for 6 days, with the intention of doing a mini tour of Scotland. It was a very enjoyable experience. Searching the goboony website and proceeding with the booking was quite straightforward. In the weeks leading up to the hire, we received useful email reminders of various things that needed to be done prior to collecting the vehicle. The handover from Ross was very thorough. As this was only our second outing in a motorhome, he took care to explain some of the trickier aspects of these types of vehicle (cassette toilet emptying etc.) Our only slight difficulty during the hire was when we stayed at a site without electric hookup, when we couldn't figure out how to work the fridge off gas. Ross was easy to contact by phone and quickly explained how to change the settings and check that fridge was working. We were amazed at how roomy the bedroom at the rear of the vehicle was. Lying on the bed, it was hard to believe we were driving it around the countryside. During the hire, we stayed at 5 different overnight locations and, apart from the minor fridge issue, we had no problems setting up at any of our chosen campsites or occasional roadside stops. The motorhome was well equipped, with very stylish lighting, a comfortable bed (we didn't use the additional electrically-lowered bed at the front of the vehicle but it looked quite comfortable, too) and a large "garage" area accessed from the outside, which proved more than ample for our needs. Our only recommendation for those new to motorhome touring is to have a checklist of items that need to be stowed/secured before setting of each morning. We would definitely consider hiring again through this website.

October 2021

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