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This was our first time renting a van so we were nervous with anticipation, however, Phil put us right at ease and was extremely laid back and helpful when showing us the controls and was very organised with documentation to keep everyone right. The van itself is pure luxury, we didn’t know what to expect but it’s very comfortable. We had the van for 5 days and it wasn’t long enough! The van being automatic makes it very easy and stress free to drive, the option of cruise control and CarPlay is a huge bonus. I worried manoeuvring a van would be difficult having little experience but within the hour, I was used to it. Having a toilet and shower option is amazing, this is handy when the weather is stormy and you don’t want to leave the van! The kitchen facilities are great, Phil has a basic pantry that we were grateful for having only a limited amount of things to pack. It’s gas cooking so very easy to start up, it also has a surprisingly spacious oven and fridge with a small icebox at the top. The van also has the option of gas heating or electric which is extremely useful for being off-grid. We were off-grid for two days and everything worked well, although you do need to manage your devices so that you don’t drain the battery - we never had an issue. The option of having two places to sleep made a huge difference for us, one of the nights was a bit too windy for the pop up so we made the bottom bunk work for us. The pop up bed is very comfortable and extremely spacious, a ladder is used for climbing up, so this may not suit someone who has difficulties climbing. The bunk in the back is made up of the two seats that join together, we found this relatively comfortable being very short, this may be less so for taller people however the pop up is ideal. The van has fold out blinds which are amazing for privacy and keeping the van warm, we felt very comfortable due to the tinted windows and blind option. Overall we had an amazing experience for a very reasonable price. This has made us want to pursue van life full time. If you’re thinking about doing it, I strongly recommend renting this van. It’s the perfect combination of freedom and comfort!

April 2024