Tips for Valentine’s Day Motorhome Camping

January 4, 2019 in Tips for Travellers and Events and Festivals

Have you ever spent Valentine’s Day camping? Whether the answer is yes or no, you should go romantic glamping with your partner this year! Enjoy a delightful motorhome camping trip together and feel closer than ever. We’ll tell you exactly why this is the ultimate cute Valentine’s idea, and how to go about making it special for the one you love.

Goboony Motorhome Valentine's Day H2 Couple Romantic Campervan Camping

# Why go motorhome camping?

When you start thinking of cute Valentine’s Day ideas, it wouldn’t be surprising if camping didn’t instantly come to mind. That’s alright. When we think of camping we often mistakenly think of muddy wellies, cold pot noodles and the hard ground as a pillow. But it doesn’t have to be this way, not with motorhome camping. By taking a motorhome, you’re heading in the direction of romantic glamping. It gives you the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy nature, feel free and choose any destination you please. Yet you also get to sleep on a comfortable mattress, have a fridge for the white wine and a door between yourself and the skunks. It’s camping with comfort, it is the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. So find a motorhome on Goboony, choose a destination, and surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s Day camping trip!

#1 Making a romantic meal

Now that we’ve decided on motorhome travel, we can look at how to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever! A prime aspect of this romantic evening is the meal. While you might settle for eating out most years, leaving the hard work to the professionals, cooking is actually far more sentimental and bonding. You can either cook together, preparing and chatting away, or you can send them off on a task and let the meal surprise them. One of the biggest advantages of campervans over camping is not being reliant on a small camping stove. Plus, having a fridge to cool produce and more space for preparation. Here are some easy campervan cooking recipes to get you started! Bring a nice bottle of wine to set the evening off, but aim for non-breakable glasses made of plastic or silicone.

Goboony Motorhome Valentine's Day H2 Couple Romantic Camping Hiking Mountain

#2 Getting a gift

This one is optional, as perhaps the motorhome holiday is the Valentine’s gift - and a great gift! But just in case, here are a few tips. Firstly, keep it small! While motorhomes provide more space than most, you still don’t want to overwhelm it or risk not being able to bring it. Secondly, try to get them something they can use! There is nothing worse than getting a gift you can’t use till later. You could get them a cool camping gadget to use on the trip, such as the delightful Minipresso or Lifestraw. Or an interesting book to read? Alternatively, we would recommend the gift to be something they can do during your trip, a way to make it even more special. A trip to Go Ape or a parachuting lesson - get imaginative with your ideas! And finally, nothing can beat the sentiment of something homemade and from the heart.

#3 Getting cosy outside

Once you’ve prepared your delicious meal, you’ll be enjoying it outside your motorhome - if the weather agrees! One of the best perks of a motorhome is sitting outside of it and enjoying the lovely evening with those you care for most. If you’re renting a motorhome, we recommend checking if they have an awning you can bring, it’ll be delightful to sit under. You can help improve the cosy atmosphere and romantic glamping vibe through a variety of methods. The most traditional would be a campfire, but be sure to check the rules of the campsite or area beforehand and read these campfire safety tips. On a smaller level, you could light numerous candles for that romantic glow. One of the best tricks for atmospheric lighting is to bring fairy lights, you can purchase battery operated ones for cheap and it’ll produce the loveliest glow. Another nice addition is an outdoor speaker to play some music, but ensure you’re not disturbing the wildlife around or fellow travellers. And finally, we always bring a fun board game to bring out your competitive side and the inner child! This will be great for rainy days too.

Goboony Motorhome Valentine's Day H2 Couple Romantic Campervan Camping Sea

#4 Visiting a city

You could use this motorhome trip as a way to explore a nearby city or town. You can visit museums, walk around the centre, try new restaurants, or even catch a show at the theatre! Here are some great locations for city breaks for couples:

#5 Enjoying nature

Many go on motorhome and camping breaks to dive back into nature, and actually escape cities and their bustle. This can also ensure a romantic glamping trip, as it gives you plenty of time alone. You can go hiking or biking, and allow yourselves to enjoy physical activity, fresh air and each other's company. Here are some romantic Valentine’s getaway ideas:

Goboony Couple Elder Old Sea Rock H2 Love

Now all that you need is a motorhome to travel in. Search for a motorhome through Goboony, and hire directly from a private owner! Your perfect Valentine’s Day getaway awaits, so pack some chocolates and roses and get driving.