Tips for New Year's Camping

September 24, 2018 in Experiences

Are you trying to decide what to do for New Year’s but are a bit tired of always dressing up for a fancy party and feeling pressure to have the best night of the year? Would you want to do something different this year, something more relaxed and make some memories? How about renting a campervan at Goboony and going camping this time?

New Year’s Eve is a very exciting night - the year is done, all its successes and worries are in the past and you’re facing a whole new year, a clean slate. Whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or you think the beginning of the new year doesn’t bring much change with it, it’s difficult not to get swept away a little bit by the general excitement for this day and night; all the fireworks, different events… New Year’s Eve can be a lot of fun. If parties aren’t your thing or you’re simply looking to do something different for once, New Year’s Eve camping might just be the thing for you!

Camping for New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun and beautiful firework shows; many campsites open for New Year’s are situated close enough to cities so you can get a beautiful view of the celebrations while cozying up with your loved ones in a campervan or tent. It’s good to start planning as soon as possible, as New Year’s Eve camping is quite popular and everyone wants a good spot! If you find a campsite by the end of November, you are good to go, but don’t worry even if it’s later - it might take more time to find a spot, but it will all be worth it!Tips for New Year's Camping H2 Night Snow Stars Moon Dark Beautiful


We’ve compiled a short list of the best campsites open on New Year’s Eve in the UK here for you. Remember to check with them first though, because naturally it can happen that they are booked out for New Year’s or for some reason not open this year.

What to Bring

Since it’s winter, make sure to bring enough layers for your New Year’s Eve camping trip! This always seems so easy but often forgotten - always bring an extra blanket or jumper, because if you’ll be watching fireworks outside, you won’t want freezing fingers to ruing the atmosphere! And remember, you’ve always got enough space in the campervan.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget about, and almost the opposite of a warm blanket, is a cooler! You might want to drink on New Year’s, at least for the midnight toast, so make sure your drinks are the perfect temperature.

Anything else you would bring on a camping trip, bring with you for this one evening. It may seem like you’re bringing too much stuff for just one night, but it’s always better to be prepared, and you won’t be short on space in your campervan!Tips for New Year's Camping H2 Couple Lights Cold Snow Winter Happy

On the Night

We won’t be telling you how to enjoy yourself, since we are sure you know how to do that on your own. We just want to remind you to check what kind of surroundings you are camping in; if you’re in nature, remember not to be too loud and disrespectful of the environment around you.

The Next Day

Remember to plan your stay in a way that lets you get enough sleep the next day, especially since you will be driving back. Make sure to check all around the motorhome and clean up any rubbish, beer bottles or party decorations. Take it easy with a nice breakfast and a warm cup of tea to start the new year right!Tips for New Year's Camping H2 Couple Happy Tent Snow Winter

If you’ve decided that bringing a caravan on a camp site for you New Year’s Eve party is exactly the thing for you and you are adventurous and want to try out a different way to spending New Year’s and even save money on party entrance fees, overpriced drinks and taxis, then don’t wait any longer and call up your campsite of choice and get excited for the most memorable New Year’s Eve celebration of your life!