In the Media: Scotland 4 Kids, Hop into Scotland's nature this Easter

April 14, 2022 in About Goboony and In the media

Hop into Scotland's nature this Easter

"Camping with the whole family is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of Scotland, yet it can seem like a daunting task to ensure everyone remains comfortable and warm. With a campervan, families can live in comfort, with a proper bed, heating, hot water and plenty of storage space for all those potential rainy day activities..." - Scotland4Kids

Goboony was featured in Scotland4Kids Easter magazine with a feature on campervan travel as a family. We're glad that more people are experiencing the wonders of campervan trips, and how it can make travelling as a family hassle-free for all! There's something for everyone in a campervan holiday, so check out this issue of Scotland4Kids to discover our top tips.

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And what will you do in Scotland? Perhaps you'll try the Fife Coastal Route road trip, or visit one of the many lochs in Scotland.