How Do I Create a High-Quality and Profitable Listing?

January 25, 2024 in About Hiring Out, Tips for hiring out & How it works

If you’re considering hiring out your motorhome on Goboony, you may wonder how to create a high-quality and profitable listing on our platform. Let’s break it down for you from A to Z. 

Stand out to hire out 

Your motorhome is special. You don’t need others to tell you that, but others do need you to tell them! Creating a first-rate and high-quality listing is key to attracting booking requests. Here’s how your motorhome will jump right off the page. 

Upload a minimum of 10-15 high-quality photos 

It all starts with the visuals! Great photos of your motorhome are most important when it comes to receiving booking requests. Travellers who are considering hiring your motorhome not only want to see what they’re paying for, they want to fall in love with the idea of travelling in it, so show it off! 

Aim to shoot high-quality, in-focus, horizontal (landscape) photos which showcase different angles of both the exterior and interior of your motorhome. To set the scene of what a holiday in your motorhome will look like, you can opt to include some photos of it in a beautiful location as the cherry on top. 

Learn more about taking great photos for your listing and check out tips from a  Goboony expert in this video

Write an inviting and in-depth listing description 

Your photos lure travellers to your listing, but your description seals the deal. Write an inviting and in-depth description of your motorhome and its functions. This doesn’t necessarily mean lengthy, we recommend being elaborate yet to the point. Start with a friendly introduction which states why your motorhome is unique. Then get to the more practical side of things. Some questions you can aim to answer are:

-What do you love about travelling in your motorhome? 

-What makes your motorhome unique? 

-What are the advantages of hiring your motorhome? For example, is it easy to drive or park? 

-What are things to consider before hiring your motorhome? For example, is it hard to drive or park? 

-What are nearby attractions or recommended routes near the pick-up location?

Learn more about writing a great description for your listing

Choose a catchy nickname for your title

You’ve written the best possible description for your motorhome, great! Now it’s time to summarise it to the best of your ability in a catchy title. What are your motorhomes’ ultimate selling points? Include them in the title. It also helps to be a little original, so your motorhome sparks interest before travellers have even read the full description yet. If you don’t know what to add, just go with our suggestions. You can also fill in a (funny) nickname for your vehicle, which helps make your title more unique. 

Set competitive rates 

Let’s not beat around the bush, you’re here to make some money! Once your first two bookings on Goboony are confirmed, you can set your own hire rates. It’s tempting to set your rates high, and your motorhome is undoubtedly worth it, but this is unlikely to earn you more money in the long run as high rates significantly decrease your chance of receiving booking requests. As a new advertiser, it’s best to opt for a slightly lower, competitive rate to get you more bookings and those first profitable reviews. 

Learn more about setting competitive rates. 

Set custom rates 

Once your competitive rates are set, you can choose to slightly increase or decrease them based on the popularity of the time of year. For example, you could consider asking a slightly higher rate for Bank Holiday weekends or school half-term holidays, and a slightly lower rate for the days for which you have a gap in your calendar that you’d like to fill. Make sure to use this feature to your advantage and adjust your rates accordingly throughout the year. 

Learn more about setting custom rates. 

Add enticing discounts

Sharp pricing and discounts truly do wonders. Not only do they make your motorhome impossible to ignore, but they also give indecisive travellers an extra incentive to send a booking request. 

On Goboony, you have the option of setting two separate discounts for either last-minute or long-trip bookings, or both. Whichever discount you choose, make sure to offer at least 10 per cent off to ensure your listing shows up in the search results for travellers who filter for discounted motorhomes. 

Learn more about setting discounts for your bookings

Relax on the rules 

When you hire out your motorhome on Goboony, you get to hire out under your own rules. Is your campervan pet or festival-friendly? You decide! ‘No’, of course, means no, but by keeping an open mind you increase your chance of receiving booking requests significantly. 

Relaxed house rules do wonders for your bookings. ‘Pet-friendly’ and ‘festival-friendly’ were even the most used filters among searching travellers in 2023. You can always set rules to ‘please inquire’ to review if you’re okay with a traveller's plans before accepting their request. 

Learn more about hiring out under your own rules. 

Set a low minimal trip length

As with setting your house rules, you get to decide what you set as your minimal trip length. This stands for the minimal amount of days a traveller has to hire your motorhome for you to accept their booking request. It’s tempting to set a high minimal trip length to make sure your earnings are worth the time and effort you put into managing the booking. However, keep in mind it stops your listing from showing up in the search results of travellers who are looking to hire a campervan for a (long) weekend, which will result in way fewer booking requests, especially in the low season. Setting a (temporary) lower trip length is also an easy trick to help you fill up gaps in your calendar. 

Set a high mileage limit 

Another thing to keep in mind is that travellers who are looking to hire your vehicle for longer trips, often filter for the unlimited mileage option. It is of course important that you consider how willing you are to let your hirers travel long distances, but a higher mileage limit will give travellers a sense of not being tied down. Consider being flexible on this if you’re looking to get some bigger bookings. You can always set your house rules to ‘going abroad not allowed’ so you’re certain your hirers will stay within the UK even when travelling bigger distances.

Be flexible with pick-up and drop-off times 

It’s important that the pick-up and drop-off times for your bookings fit your schedule, but aim to be flexible if possible. If you mention these times are open for discussion, you’ll automatically accommodate more booking requests. 

Clearly state your insurance information 

To hire out your motorhome on Goboony, your vehicle must be covered for peer-to-peer hire. Make sure that your insurance information is clearly presented on your listing, so travellers know what to expect when hiring your vehicle. 

Learn more about insuring your motorhome for hire

Be flexible with cancellations

If you list your motorhome for hire on Goboony, you have the ability to set cancellation conditions for your bookings. When you create your listing on our platform, you can choose from two cancellation policy levels: moderate or flexible. These levels outline the details for cancellations and can be found in the terms and conditions

As the majority of travellers seek flexibility when planning their holiday, setting your cancellation policy to flexible will attract 25 per cent more booking requests on average. 

Learn more about what happens if a booking gets cancelled

Curate your calendar

Keeping your calendar curated is key when it comes to managing a high-quality listing. Goboony’s calendar feature was specifically designed to make the most out of your listing. A nifty tool, there to be used! Always make sure your calendar is up-to-date and blocked out for the right periods if your motorhome is unavailable for bookings. This way you won't miss out on potential booking requests, and avoid having to disappoint inquiring travellers, which in turn negatively affects your acceptance rate. 

By making sure your motorhome is available for the right dates, you avoid having to decline booking requests. A strong acceptance rate helps the algorithm showcase your listing higher in traveller search results, so use the calendar feature to your advantage and regularly update it. 

Check out this video in which a Goboony expert explains how to manage your calendar. 

Is the amount of booking requests you received higher than expected, or are you having trouble keeping on top of your bookings? Learn more about managing bookings in the peak season

Communicate swiftly 

On top of a strong acceptance rate, your response rate also affects how high your listing is displayed in traveller search results. A booking request will be automatically declined if left unanswered for 72 hours. Therefore, we recommend keeping up your communication and replying to travellers' questions as quickly as possible. Keep in mind your response rate is showcased on your listing. A swift response rate shows potential hirers you can be counted upon when it comes to communication, which positively impacts your likelihood of receiving a booking request. 

The best trick to growing your response and acceptance rate is by downloading the Advertiser app. This way you can access your account, reply to messages, manage your bookings and chat with your hirers using your phone, which speeds up the process quite spectacularly. 

Download the advertiser app for iOS or Android.

Achieve Gold Status for your listing

When you create your listing on Goboony, you have the opportunity to achieve Silver or Gold Status. Ensuring your listing has the highest possible status does wonders for the amount of booking requests you receive. To achieve Gold Status for your listing, upload at least 15 high-quality photos, add two discounts and watch the calendar webinar via the email link provided. 

Write an inviting acceptance message 

A high-quality listing is key to receiving booking requests, but that’s only half of the work! After you accept a booking request, you need the traveller to confirm the booking by paying the first instalment. To achieve this, it’s important to make a good first impression, which is achieved by writing an encouraging acceptance message.

Learn more about writing a great acceptance message

Request for reviews 

Reviews are incredibly powerful when travellers are on the verge of submitting a booking request. Rave reviews say everything about the quality of your motorhome and your service and often gives travellers that final push,  so make sure to request travellers to write one once their trip is completed. 

Furthermore, the secret to understanding how you can better your service is all in your reviews! Read them carefully to scope out your points of improvement and what selling points you should be highlighting on your listing. 

Learn what to do when you receive a bad review. 

Benefits of hiring out your motorhome on Goboony

-Hiring out on Goboony is free

-You decide how, to who and when you want to hire out 

-Hire out safely and with peace of mind by opting for our Goboony Day Insurance

-We provide support throughout the whole process

-We offer a secure third-party payment system

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Hire out your motorhome on Goboony
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