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05 February, 2019 in Destinations and Slovenia

In the heart of central Europe you’ll find Slovenia, an underrated but stunning country hiding from the public eye. Slovenia is renowned for its mountains, ski resorts and lake. You’ll find varying landscapes, the majority of which are still untouched and ripe to be explored.The highlights of Slovenia are too long to list, so we’ll have to narrow it down for this blog. We’ll provide you with our 5 favourite destinations in Slovenia, overnight parking options and the best campsites in Slovenia. Ready for some tongue twisters?

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Destinations in Slovenia

1. Bled Castle

The oldest castle in Slovenia, Bled Castle is certainly one of the places to visit during your trip to Slovenia. It is built on a rock right on the Bled lake, and from the castle you can admire both the peaks of the Alp and the shimmering lake stretching out before you. At the castle you can enjoy guided tours to discover the fascinating history of Bled Castle. Follow this with a lunch in the castle restaurant or a taste of the castle’s cellar and the many wines it holds. A trip to Bled Castle is also well combined with a visit to the Vintgar Gorge, which is only a few kilometres from Lake Bled.

2. Logarska Dolina

Looking to sneak a hike in during your visit to Slovenia? Then lace up your shoes and head to Logarska Dolina. This protected area is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys of the old continent, and is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauties of nature. Enjoy the silence of the valley, punctuated only by the sounds of wildlife. You’ll be able to enjoy waterfalls reaching peaks of two thousand meters, and crossing damns.

3. Kostanjevica na Krki

The Krka is the longest river in Slovenia, flowing through the country and providing a source of sustenance to many. It runs through Kostanjevica na Krki, and you’ll be able to spot rowers practicing here. In the Middle Ages, Kostanjevica na Krki was a free market and later became a possession of the Cistercian Abbey. It is now recognized as a national monument and one of the top places to visit in Slovenia. Within the town, you’ll find numerous great art galleries to spend a rainy afternoon, or cute cafes perfect for a pick me up coffee!

4. Nova Gorica

Located on the border with Italy, this is the perfect first stop if you’re heading to Slovenia from that direction. It is one of the more rural places to see in Slovenia, as it is surrounded by greenery of parks, hills and woods. In the Monastery of Kostanjevica you’ll find the last ‘Roses of Bourbon’, which is reminiscent of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that once ruled Slovenia. You can take your history lesson further through a visit to the Kromberk Castle and the Solkan Bridge, which crosses the Isonzo River and is characterized by the longest arch of Europe. From here, you could also visit the Goriška Brda, to taste the fine wines and view the Tolmin Gorges- an exceptional natural wonder!

5. Ljubljana

Fall in love with the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana differs to other European capitals through being calmer and more of a historic centre. Cars are not permitted to enter the centre, so you’ll be able to fully appreciate the flow of the river, the live music drifting out and a cup of coffee on the many terraces. The symbol of the city is the Ljubljana Castle, which offers an exceptional view of the Slovenian capital.

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Campervan Overnight Parking in Slovenia

1. Bled Campervan Parking

Bled Campervan Parking is ideal for visiting the city of Bled, as you can leave your motorhome and head to the city on foot. It is only for overnight parking, and has a small fee. There are toilets nearby, as well as a restaurant and supermarket you can visit.

N 46.36250, E 14.08172

2. Campervan Parking Area Kostanjevica na Krki

This free rest stop is located on the river Krka, so you’re assured a beautiful view to wake up to! It is walking distance from a small town, so you can grab a bite to eat there or pick up any supplies. There are no toilets available, but there is a garbage disposal. Keep in mind that this is a popular spot, so you need to go by 5pm to guarantee a spot for the night!

N 45.84949, E 15.41885

3. Campervan Parking Area, Saksida

One of the more luxurious campervan overnight parking options, this spot in Saksida boasts of a swimming pool and restaurant on-site! It allows you to stay longer than just a night, with a maximum stay time of 24 hours. The friendly reception will advise you on the local area, and you can explore the local vineyards and attend a wine tasting too - without having to drive home!

N 45.88994, E 13.74752

4. Campervan Stop Ljubljana Pri Kovacu

Located by a restaurant, this campervan stop works slightly different to the others mentioned. You can stay here for free if you purchase of a 3 course menu at the restaurant - approximately 20 euros worth. The food is delicious, and the campervan stop is clean and calm. There are farmyard animals nearby for the kids to enjoy, and a lovely bakery nearby for breakfast!

N 46.03162, E 14.60430

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Campsites in Slovenia

1. Camping Bled

Camping Bled easily qualifies as one of the best campsites in Slovenia through its astounding location, right on the shores of Lake Bled - considered to be the most beautiful lake in Slovenia! Enjoy this rural campsite, set right in the forest. With a restaurant, bike hire and more facilities nearby, you’ll be set to stay for a week minimum!

N 46.36140, E 14.08027

2. Camping Kamne

Situated between Karavanke and Julian Alps, Camping Kamne is the ideal starting point for climbing the Slovenian national symbol; Mt.Triglav. This small campsite is ideal for those looking to relax and get away from the business of cities. There are numerous hiking routes nearby, and sleepy villages within walking distance.

N 46.46443, E 13.95778

3. Kamp Menina

Located by the pure Alpine river Savinja, Kamp Menina is the ideal campsite for fans of watersports or swimming. The campsite is far from traffic and busy roads, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere. Kids will adore the nearby sports park and sports field, while parents may enjoy a trip to the campsite sauna or a massage! The campsite aims to combine relaxing with staying active, so head to Kamp Menina for more than a nights sleep.

N 46.31176, E 14.90905

Goboony Visit Slovenia H2 Hiking MountainNow ensure you have organised motorhome hire for your trip, and then let the adventure begin! Explore Slovenia this year, and get ahead of the tourists. With a set of wheels under you, there is nothing you can’t do!