10 Tips for Photos of your Motorhome

31 July, 2017 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

A picture says a thousand words. As such, a good photo has the power to change an ad, and is always a good place to start. Therefore, we’ve got a few tips to make it look as beautiful as it deserves!

The Total Picture

Make sure you have a photo with the entire motorhome in, which is best done in a horizontal (landscape) format. On Goboony, this is how the pictures are shown. Photography from a different angle so the parameters are clear.

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos angles


Although the entirety is important, also show off the details of your vehicle. Use pictures of bicycles mounted on the rack, or of the canopy out and in flair.

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos details

Change of position

Don’t limit yourself from photos from the same height or position. Get down low, or shoot from above to mix up the shots. It’s worth tying every angle, as you never know which one might suddenly work!.

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos low photo headlight

The Interior

Seeing as a motorhome is a vehicle in which they spend a great deal of time, renters are also going to be curious as to the inside of the vehicle. Make sure everything is neat and packed away, and that you make the space look as large as possible. Shots from corners are great for this. 

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos interior


Clean and Tidy

Despite it can look spick and span at a glance, the motorhome can have dirty or dusty surfaces that are exposed in photos. So, have a clean first. Get the outside to shine, remove stains, and have a good dust. Also make sure the environment in which you shoot is clear and not distracting. 


When deciding where to photograph your motorhome, pay attention to the background. Motorhomes are meant for the road, but also to be stopped and rested for a few days. So be creative, and maybe even inspire others! Choose a background that doesn’t steal attention, so keep it calm. Also don’t let the focus drift!

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos background


Exposure is very important because you want your motorhome to be clearly visible. Although sunrise and sunset can provide great exposure, it is advised to work with daylight. Try to work on a sunny day to enforce a bright and positive feel. Although, if the sun is too bright, it can reflect off the motorhome. A flash can stop this, however.

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos beach


Pictures that have the motorhome’s lighting on are always interesting. The light draws attention to the motorhome. Also, think about how twilight settings can enhance the atmosphere and cosiness of the motorhome, combined with its internal lights. Pictures looking outwards from inside also provide a unique view, such as through the windscreen. You also show off the dashboard with this shot!

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos lighting VW bus


Make sure the resolution of your photos is at least 1024 x 268 pixels. Also try to avoid any blurry photos of the motorhome or its details, as they can be offputting. If necessary, use a tripod or another flat and solid surface when taking the picture.

goboony motorhomes blog take good photos VW buses

Quantity of Pictures

Don’t be nervous to post plenty of photos on the ad. The more pictures the are, the more solid an idea a potential renter gets. The more comfortable they become with it, the more likely they are to go ahead with the rental!


Following these tips, you should be able to take great photos of your motorhome and show all Goboony users how lovely your motorhome is. Need any advice on campervan photos? Don't hesitate to get in touch!