10 Best Places to Visit in the UK in Spring

March 13, 2024 in Destinations, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & United Kingdom

Don’t save all your precious holiday days for summer along with the rest of the crowd, spurge on a well-deserved spring trip instead! The UK is filled with incredible places to visit, too many to fit into just the summer months. Additionally, travelling before the high season is often more budget-friendly, so if you can travel outside of summer, then we strongly urge you to consider it. 

To help you decide where to go, we’re going to turn your attention to the 10 best places to visit in the UK in spring. We’ll cover each corner of the UK, and highlight some of the best destinations for a long-awaited spring holiday. 
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

1. Elan Valley, Wales 

The Lake District may be beautiful, but it’s also known to be crowded and expensive. Instead, visit the ‘Welsh Lake District,’ also known as Elan Valley. This region is considered to be a stargazing paradise, with an uninterrupted night sky you could stare at for hours. It’s also known for having huge damns and flowing rivers, which you can explore on the many hiking trails dotted around.

A great way to see the region and have a blast doing it is to take a ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway. You can take a historically accurate steam train through the region. Dogs can come along for a small charge. 
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

2. The Cotswolds, England

One of the most beautiful places in spring is the Cotswolds. Don’t get us wrong, this incredible area is stunning all year round. But there’s just something magical about seeing this fairytale destination with a bit of sun. The area truly is a sight for sore eyes when well-kept country gardens begin to bloom and ivy starts creeping up cottage walls again.

Don’t forget to visit the idyllic town of Stow-on-the-Wold, which is considered to be one of the best villages in the Cotswolds and is dotted by quant antique shops, tea rooms, art galleries and pubs. Cute Cotswolds sights galore!

We couldn’t recommend a motorhome trip in the Cotswolds more, which is why we’ve come up with a complete Cotswolds road trip itinerary for you. Travelling in the company of a four-legged friend? You’re both in luck! Dogs are loved and welcomed in the Cotswolds, and we’ve already created a dog-friendly guide to the Cotswolds for you
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

3. The North Coast 500, Scotland

It’s the road trip of Scottish road trips, and often even referred to as Scotland’s very own Route 66. We’re of course talking about the infamous North Coast 500. Striking landscapes, epic landmarks and immersive cultural experiences all add to the splendour of the NC500, but when is the best time to embark on this monumental adventure?

If you’ve read up on this route, you’ll likely know to stay away in summer, when the beautiful yet often incredibly narrow lanes turn into traffic jams and the midgies roam free. But so do many other motorhome travellers, which is why spring may well be the best time of year to drive the NC500. If you really want to soak up everything this remarkable road trip has to offer, face the spring chill to have it all(most) to yourself. The whisky will warm your bones, after all. 

Check out our full itinerary for the North Coast 500 for a road trip like no other. 
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

4. New Forest, England 

Wondering where to go in the UK in spring? Be sure to mark the New Forest on your map! At only two hours away from the capital, it’s one of the best weekend trips near London and well-suited for a spring road trip adventure. Especially if you enjoy tranquil walks along the riverside! The New Forest is crisscrossed by streams and rivers, which flow with renewed energy after the wet winter months. 

 We recommend walking the Rhinefield and Vinney Ridge route. This gentle trail sweeps through the heart of the national park. It’s home to some of the tallest trees in England, including mighty 50-metre-tall redwoods and Douglas firs. 
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

5. Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland

Northern Irish weather is unpredictable. In spring the air can still be crisp, but milder temperatures and thin crowds make a great time for exploring. The Mourne Mountains hold a well-deserved spot on this list of best places to visit in the UK in spring, as it’s then that you can witness the area’s many waterfalls in their full glory. 

We recommend walking to Annalong Valley Waterfalls and rockpools, some of the most picturesque bodies of water in the Mourne Mountains. The Annalong Valley is located in the eastern part of the Mournes, and the moderately easy walk takes you through some stunning meadows, woodlands and rocky terrain. Or if you’d really like some peace and quiet, head to the conveniently named Silent Valley if you’d like to absorb the famous silence. All for the sound of silence? Check out more calm holiday destinations in the UK
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

6. Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales

If we could bottle the salty air of the Welsh Coast, we’d inhale it whenever we feel stressed or overwhelmed in our daily lives. Sadly, we haven’t worked out how to do that just yet, so we’ll settle for visiting the Pembrokeshire Coast whenever we get the chance.

This region is best known for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, a designated National Trail stretching over 186 miles. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk the whole thing (unless you want to). Instead, just select some favourite sections. 

Spring is on the cusp of beach weather, so whether you swim or simply stroll, depends on what you can stomach in terms of temperatures while here. We recommend visiting either Barafundle Bay Beach, Saundersfoot Beach or Broadhaven Beach.

For the full experience of this gorgeous region, check out our complete Pembrokeshire road trip itinerary.
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

7. Brecon Beacons, Wales

The beginning of spring marks a fantastic time to visit the Brecon Beacons in Wales. By this time the coldest of seasons has passed, in which icy winds truly blow a gail on the mountain range’s majestic peaks. However, in spring, more forgiving weather and slightly warmer temperatures make for a pleasant time to explore. And as flowers bloom and trees sprout, the hills come alive with the vibrant green and burgundy-red the Beacons are known for. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, don’t forget to go stargazing while here! The Beacons are an International Dark Sky Reserve, as the lack of light pollution in the area allows you to witness breathtaking celestial spectacles if the conditions are right. The night sky is at its clearest in winter, but in spring it’ll be more comfortable to spend some time outside in the darkness. 

Check out more unmissable things to do in the Brecon Beacons while you’re here. 
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

8. Dartmoor National Park, England

It feels like people don’t talk about Dartmoor enough, tucked away in the south-west of England. Dartmoor National Park is a delight to visit, and can easily be combined with city trips to Plymouth, Exeter, or even down to Newquay. It’s one of the best weekend breaks from London, ideal for people with only a night or two to get away.

Don’t forget to pack your walking boots, as Dartmoor National Park is one of the best places for hill walking in the UK! We recommend the hike from Bellever Forest to the granite outcrop of Bellever Tor. You can then enjoy a well-earned rest and picnic by the East Dart River.

You might also consider bringing a tent, campervan and other gear to set yourself up for an unforgettable night of wild camping. Dartmoor National Park is the only place in England that officially allows wild camping in England. Wild camping in Dartmoor has always been a key driver for lovers of the outdoors to visit the area, until last year, when a wealthy local landowner won a court case on the quest to ban it. Luckily the national park authority won a widely supported court appeal which allowed wild camping in Dartmoor once again. 
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

9. Isle of Wight, England 

If you haven’t hopped on a ferry across The Solent yet, this is your sign to finally visit the captivating Isle of Wight this spring. The island experiences a gentler winter than many other parts of the UK due to several geographical and meteorological factors, and during warmer days, the already warmer-than-average island is a haven for outdoor activities. It’s the destination for a spring or Easter road trip, on which you can defrost and soak up the ever-growing hours of daylight. 

A highlight activity on the beautiful garden isle is to go bird-watching or spot the abundant sea life! Spring is a great time to head to Nature Reserves such as Brading Marshes and Newtown National Nature Reserve to spot a large variety of birds returning for the breeding season. If you find yourself on the isle’s gorgeous white cliffs, keep a weather eye on the horizon! The chance of spotting basking seals on sandbanks or dolphins in the offshore waves is highly likely. 

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Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations

10. Forest of Bowland, England 

The Forest of Bowland is often referred to as the Bowland Fells and was formerly known as the Chase of Bowland. Whatever you want to call it, this is definitely in the running for where to go on holiday in the UK in spring.  

The Forest of Bowland is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, filled with gritstone fells, deep valleys and peat moorland. You’ll find many walking trails dotted around, as well as villages that rival even the Cotswolds. It’s ideal for a short weekend away in spring, especially when motorhome camping.

The Forest of Bowland is a fantastic place to go cycling, so be sure to pack your bike. Otherwise, you can rent some upon arrival. We recommend the Lancashire Cycleway, an award-winning route. It consists of a north and south circular route, which meets at the historic town of Whalley, the perfect place for a spot of lunch or dinner. It’s designed to pass through the most beautiful areas and utilise minor roads with low levels of traffic.

Don’t save all your holiday days for summer like the rest of the crowd, visit these 10 best destinations for a spring holiday instead. Experience the joy of travelling outside of peak season, and we promise, you’ll never look back.
Best Places to visit in the uk in Spring destinations Struggling to decide where to go in spring in the UK? A great way to combine some of these highlights is by hiring a motorhome and setting off on a spring road trip! Start searching for your dream vehicle below.