Finding a Campervan/Motorhome

On the Homepage you'll find a search bar, where you can specify the country, dates and sleeping places for your motorhome. Once you have filled this in, you are brought to a page filled with motorhome and campervan options. You can narrow down the list further through the filters on the left, such as specifying a city, certain amenities or house rules.

Once you have a found a few options you like, you can make a booking request to the Owner, with a message describing your trip plans.

Your favourites allow you to save motorhome listings that you want to come back to later. You can save listings by clicking the heart shaped icon in the upper right corner of the picture, in the overview. Alternatively, you can save one by clicking the button ‘Save in Favourites’ when you have opened an ad. To delete an ad from your Favourites, simply do the same.

Your favourites can be accessed at anytime through clicking on your name in the top right of your screen, and then selecting the option Favourites. Here you will find an overview of all your saved motorhomes.

You can find out whether a campervan is available by inserting your travel dates when searching. The listings appearing in the search results are all available during the period selected.

Alternatively, you can check the availability by clicking ‘View Calendar’ on any listing. The available dates will be green.

Always mention your dates in your request once more just to be extra careful!

Advertisers have the possibility to state their pet-policy in the house rules. In case this is not clearly defined, please contact the advertiser.

The house rules state what is and isn’t allowed in the camper. These regulations describe everything of importance for the travellers. This could be a smoking or pet prohibition.

The house rules are listed at every page of an ad, allowing travellers to read them before reserving. After reservation is accepted, the house rules will be send along to the guest, and can be found in the travel schedule.

Contacting the Owner

To contact the Owner please browse to a campervan belonging to the Owner you would like to contact. At the bottom of the listing page you will find the button ‘Send a Message’ (in order to do this you need to be logged in). We strongly recommend to use the secured message function offered by Goboony, this way all messages will be able to be seen clearly by both parties.

After you confirm a booking you will be able to email the owner directly as well as receive their phone number to make sure you can give them a call or send over any documentation in the lead up to a booking.

To send a message, please browse to a listing and, click ‘Send a message’ at the bottom of the page.

If the advertiser sends you a message, you will receive a notification via email. When you click ‘to message’ in this email, you will be directed to your conversation with the advertiser.

You will see a notification in the top right corner on the Goboony website, whenever you receive a new message. A notification badge showing an envelope will appear. Click this envelope and you will be redirected to the conversation.

Navigating to ‘My Trips’ in the menu is another possibility. By click on details of a request or booking, you will see your conversation with the advertiser.

You need to be at least 18 years old in order to be able to use our website and services. This means you are not able to create an account to travel or rent unless you are at least 18 years old.

It is mandatory to specify the amount of travellers on booking request, including babies and children. Please, specify the details of your reservation, as well as details of those travelling with you in you conversation with the advertiser: click ‘Contact the advertiser’ to open a conversation. It is up to the Advertiser whether children and/or babies can ride in their motorhome.

You will need to provide the motorhome owner with a copy of your driving license, to ensure that you qualify to drive the motorhome. It is also typically mandatory to ensure that whatever insurance is in place covers the hire. The easiest way to share this information is Via the DVLA site here .

Please note that non UK license holders are unable to make use of this shareable link, but will still need to send over a photo/scan of their license to the owner following a booking confirmation.

Many insurance policies also require a utility bill as well as a hirer's driving license. following a confirmation, you will be able to send over this documentation to the motorhome owners email address.

The sharing of this information is compulsory to be covered by most UK insurers. Not doing so means that the owner would be within their rights to cancel the booking should fail to comply as they reserve the right (and have the responsibility) not to rent out their motorhome if doing so would not be covered by their insurance.

When you have confirmed a booking, it is typical (as is the case with almost all online rentals) to share your license information and proof of identification. The best way to do this is to go the DVLA government website to and share your DVLA code and send it to the owner. This is the easiest way to show them what you are qualified to drive and a breakdown of your driving history giving them peace of mind as well as some necessary documentation. It is compulsory for you to do this and comply with proof of address and ID if the owner requires this. Most insurance companies require the owner to have this in order to cover rental and not providing adequate proof of who you are can result in the owner cancelling the booking within our terms and conditions. You should never share bank details or other personal details besides license information and proof of address. If you have any questions on this matter we always ask that you contact our support to make sure.

Payment Methods

Goboony accepts the most commonly used credit cards, like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Payments are guaranteed to be secure. Goboony uses a recognised Payment Service Provider to ensure this. You can enter your credit card information safely via their secured SLL procedure after which they (together with your credit card company) will settle payment. Goboony works with a professional third party payment provider to ensure secure payments. As a result, we do not store your credit card information.

Your credit card will be charged with the rental amount owed, shown in the payment request. This amount can include the deposit when applicable.

In case you have extra costs after a trip (like extra kilometres driven, fines, tolls, and deductibles) we will send a separate payment request. In case you paid a deposit, these costs will be deducted and you will receive a refund on your credit card for the remaining part.

Depending on your bank, the refund will show up anywhere between 5-15 business days later. We will send you an e-mail once we have refunded you.

Goboony accepts payments via iDEAL, Mister Cash and all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Amercian Express.

Prices & Fees

Making a request is completely free! You simply message the Owner and see if the vehicle is available and whether they are willing to rent it out to you. Cancelling a request is also free until it has been confirmed.

To get your request from 'Accepted' to 'Confirmed', you need to pay the first instalment of your booking. Or if it within 3 weeks of the trip, you'll need to pay the full amount. After this, the Traveller may need to pay if they cancel (dependent on the Advertiser's cancellation policy and the amount of time before the booking) or the Advertiser will need to pay the difference between a new motorhome if they cancel without force majeure.

The Goboony payment system has been designed to transfer money from Travellers to Owners securely and easily. It works like this:

As soon as the Owner accepts the booking request, a payment request will be sent to the Traveller. The Traveller is given up to 72 hours to pay. Payments are made via credit card or debit card.

The booking is 'Confirmed' as soon as the Traveller pays. Just as Travellers, Owners are allowed to cancel an accepted reservation within the 72 hours. Therefore it is wise to pay as soon as possible after the advertiser has accepted your request. This way you claim your campervan.

The reservation will expire if the payment is not completed within 72 hours. In case you decide to cancel your reservation, please do so via the website. This way, the Owner can rent the campervan to someone else as the dates you requested will be made available again.

Goboony only releases the payment to Owners 24 hours after the trip has started.

It is required to use the Goboony payment system to book your campervan. By paying, the Traveller will enter into the rental agreement with the Owner. Our terms and conditions and cancelation terms are effective as soon as the Traveller has completed the first payment. The payment system has been designed to protect both Traveller and Owner. It is neither allowed nor safe to pay outside of Goboony. We cannot provide the safety benefits and security of our site when reservations are not paid through Goboony.

No. If the Owner declines your booking request, or if they do not accept it, you will not be charged anything. You can find other vans to make a request on.

To view your planned trip, navigate to the menu, click: ‘My Trips’. Click ‘details’ to get access to a detailed overview of your booking. You will find useful information like the start and stop-date of your trip, the rental amount and information about the Owner.

We charge a small fee to Travellers for providing our service. We charge these fees to cover the website and providing a great peer to peer hire service. Fees are calculated based on the amount the motorhome owners own pricing, excluding the deposit. The fees are typically around 15% of the total amount. It is added on to the rental fee to ensure Owners receive their requested fee.

It is important to take this 15% into account if you have asked for a quote, as the owner might not have factored this into their prices.

The service warranty fee is £25 and is paid alongside the 25% downpayment to confirm the booking. This guarantees that your payment is insured and secure and is non refundable in the event of a cancellation.

As soon as request is 'Accepted', you will receive an email with a payment request.
If your booking is more than 3 months in advance, you may transfer only 25% of the rental fee to confirm the booking! You will be asked to transfer the next 25% of the rental fee 3 months prior to the rental period.
The final 50% of the rental fee can be transferred up to 3 weeks prior to the rental period.

If the van is booked 3 months or less before the rental period, you will be asked to transfer 50% of the rental fee to confirm the booking.
The final 50% of the rental fee can be transferred up to 3 weeks prior to the rental period.

If the van is booked within three weeks before the rental period, you will be asked to transfer the complete rental fee and deposit (if the advertiser requires a deposit) to confirm the booking.

This must be done with 72 hours or the request expires. If this happens you can make the request again, and pay within the 72 hours.

Whenever possible, the deposit is held by Goboony in order to ensure the interests of both parties. We hold the deposit from when the final instalment is paid to when the owner confirms it is fine to be released back to you. We allow the Owner 48 hours after the booking to inform us of any damages/extra costs, before returning the deposit.

However, sometimes the motorhome insurance requires the Owner to hold the deposit. This will always be clearly stated in their Listing, if it is not and they claim this, contact Goboony support. In these instances, Goboony is not responsible for the deposit, however will gladly mediate in disputes when requested, to help an agreement be found.

After you return the motorhome, we ask for the motorhome owner to inform us of any necessary deductions within 48 hours. If we receive no information, we release the deposit.

If there is any reason why some of the deposit needs to be deducted, we will contact you to let you know, and follow up with an invoice of the costs/ repairs. When you are notified, we appreciate a prompt response to help us process the deposit. If you do not respond within a week, we will deduct the amount stated from the deposit and return the rest.

When the deposit is ready to be returned, we release it from our account. It takes between 5-15 days to be fully processed depending on your bank or credit card provider. If you do not receive the money within this timeframe please get in touch.

Requesting a Booking

1. Create your Goboony profile.
Before you can make a reservation you are required to complete your profile. This way, the advertiser can get some information about you before accepting the booking request.

2. Find the right motorhome. By entering your travel dates and amount of beds, you get an overview of all suitable campers. You can filter search results according to your whishes. By clicking View Map you can search for campers near you. If you want to add a camper to your favorites, simply click the heart on the photo.

Read the list of amenities and the house rules. All motorhomes have different facilities and house rules . Make sure to pay close attention to the section Amenities to ensure there’s a bike carier if you require one, and read the house rules to see if the advertiser allows pets in the camper. Read reviews by other travellers so you get an honest opinion about what to expect of this camper.

3. Make a booking request. You’ve found the perfect camper, now it’s time to make a booking request. Click Request Reservation. Check your details and leave a message for the advertiser. Click Request Reservation again at the bottom of the page. Your request will be sent to the advertiser who has 24 hours to respond to your request.

4. Bring up any questions you might have with the motorhome owner Motorhome owners typically respond within 24 hours , and will usually accept your booking request. If the advertiser has any questions about the booking request he or she will send you a message. So please make sure to check for new messages regularly. You will receive an e-mail if the advertiser has sent you a message. If the advertiser accepts your request, you will receive a payment request. In case the advertiser declines your request, the request expires. You will receive an email in any case and will be notified on the Goboony website.

5. Confirm with the first Payment. When the advertiser accepts your request and you would like to confirm and complete the booking, you will be required to do the payment. It is possible to make the payment via debit or credit card. Once a booking is accepted you will have 3 days from the time of acceptance to confirm or cancel the booking. Naturally, since the dates have been provisionally reserved for you, it is best to act one way or another as soon as you are ready to make a decision.

6. Get ready to enjoy your holiday! After confirming your booking you simply need to pay the remaining balance in instalments in the lead up to the booking (a further 25% 3 months prior to rental and the final 50% 3 weeks before rental) You will also need to supply the relevant license information and documentation as requested by the owner. Other than that, all you need to do is get ready for a memorable holiday!

In case your booking request is declined or has expired, you can simply book another camper. Making a request is free of charge, so please feel free to try again!

We urge the advertisers to keep their calendars up to date and respond to your requests as quick as possible.

No. In case your booking request is declined, or expires you will not be charged.

No. In case you cancel your booking request before it is accepted by the advertiser, you will not be charged.

To cancel your booking request navigate to the menu, My Trips. Click details on the booking you would like to cancel. You will find this button at the bottom of the right column: Cancel booking. If you cancel your request within 72 hours you will not be charged.

Once your reservation is accepted you will receive an e-mail.

You can also check this on the website by navigating to the conversation with the advertiser. You can go to the conversation by clicking your name in the top right corner and select My Trips. Click details on the reservation you would like to check. In this conversation you will see accepted as soon as the advertiser has accepted your booking request.

Advertisers are allowed 24 hours to officially accept or decline a booking request. You will receive an email to notify you on your request status.

Trust and transparency are an important part of Goboony. It’s important for both the advertiser, as well as the renter to know with whom they are dealing. We therefore require all reservations to be made by someone who is actually going to take part on the trip.

As soon as the advertiser accepts your reservation, you will receive an e-mail with a payment request. You now have three days to complete the payment.

Some advertisers require you to sign a contract. This has to be announced in the ad, as well as a summary of the terms. In case you are not willing to sign a contract, please contact the advertiser, or search for another camper on Goboony.

In case the advertiser requires you to sign a contract that wasn’t listed in the ad, please contact Goboony.

Resolve a Problem

Advertisers do their best to keep the motorhomes in perfect working order. Any motorhome advertised Goboony has to have passed its MOT and at least be insured for the owner. However, mechanical problems are always a possibility during the trip, no matter how carefully you drive.

The advertiser specifies the arrangement for a replacement vehicle and roadside assistance in their ad. Please make sure you read this thoroughly before making a booking request.

In most of the advertisements on Goboony roadside assistance is taken care of by the advertiser. These services are usually available 24 hours per day. It is recommended that during the key exchange you double check the roadside assistance arrangement with the owner.

As a hirer of a motorhome it is important that you clarify the level of assistance beforehand so that you know what to expect in the worst case scenario.

If damage occurs, the first thing you should do is contact the owner. So please ensure you’ve got their contact details at all times.

In most cases, roadside assistance is arranged by the owner. These services are usually available 24/7. Make sure to agree on roadside assistance and vehicle replacement when inspecting the camper.

Always notify the advertiser when damage occurs. This must be reported on the Goform.

If you experience any problems with the motorhome on hire, it is extremely important that you put these in the Goform. Most bookings go off without a hitch, however some of the vehicles are vintage which means there is a chance that you may notice an area in need of maintenence. If this is the case, the best way to make a note of this is on the Go form, NOT by sending us an email after the hire is complete. We want you and future hirers to get the best experience and the best way to ensure a vehicle is well maintained is accurate documentation of any difficulties you experience when on hire, ensuring that any issues are dealt with in time for the next hirer. This also helps the owner know what they need to fix by addressing the problem directly. Completing and signing the Go form is mandatory for both parties and proves to us that both parties are aware of any damage/ issues and have agreed to them.

In the event that there is any dispute over the rental, Goboony uses the Goform to mediate. Therefore, proper use of the Goform is vital in ensuring any disputes are resolved amicably and in the best interests of both parties. Goboony is not obliged take testimonials in the form of a call or email from either party as evidence when resolving a dispute between owner and hirer.

Goboony uses a payment provider to ensure that money is transferred securely. A typical time to return a deposit is between 5-10 days after we release it. Goboony will give the owner 48 hours to make doubly sure the vehicle has been returned in the condition it was rented out in, before we ask them to release the deposit. If you are waiting for your deposit to be returned please get in touch with support as we will be able to advise you on when it was released and when it should be back in your account. In the unlikely occurrence that the deposit takes over 10 days to be transferred we ask that you contact us immediately to ensure that we can find out further information from our payment provider and resolve the issue.

Any external costs that are levied against the vehicle whilst you are renting it are to be paid by you (the hiring party and not the owner of the vehicle). This includes but is not limited to: speeding fines; parking tickets; congestion charges; emission charges and toll road charges. If there is any doubt over the charge The owner is required to show proof that the vehicle incurred these charges whilst out on hire (which is determined by the rental agreement). Please note, that these charges are not related to any such costs concerning the repair of the vehicle or any service required on it, rather external costs.

Booking Amendments and Cancellations

Please contact Goboony, we will evaluate your planned changes together.

It is possible to cancel a confirmed booking. However, cancelation terms apply. The advertiser has stated these terms and you’ve agreed to them in the rental agreement. You can read the cancelation terms in the details section of the menu My Trips.

When you decide to cancel a confirmed booking please go to My Trips and click Details. At the bottom of the right column you will find Cancel Booking. When you click here, a pop-up screen will appear. Please be aware that by canceling your booking the cancelation terms will apply. You could be charged a certain amount. By clicking the confirm button your booking will be cancelled. Now the motorhome will become available again for other travellers.

You are allowed to cancel a booking request. As long as the reservation has not been paid, you can do this free of charge. As soon as the booking is confirmed, cancelation terms apply for both the traveler as well as the advertiser.

Whenever you want to cancel a booking request navigate to My Trips and click details. You will find Cancel Reservation at the bottom of the right column. By clicking this button, a pop-up will appear with a warning. When you click the confirm button your booking will be cancelled and from that moment the motorhome will become available for other renters.

You can change the travel dates by clicking Change Request in the booking request. If you do so the advertiser will be asked to accept the changes to your travel dates.

Note: this is not possible when a booking is confirmed.

Cancelation terms are terms in which is stated what the refund amount is, to be paid by the advertiser in case of cancelation of a reservation.

Cancelation terms protect the advertiser for unexpected cancelation by the traveler. Every ad on Goboony is subject to cancelation terms, chosen by the advertiser, flexible, normal or strict. We strongly recommend reading the cancelation terms before booking a reservation.

You need to agree to the cancelation terms when you place a booking request. Cancelation terms are in effect as soon as payment is completed.

There is a small chance the motorhome will be unable for hire, for example if the previous hire returns with an issue that necessitates repairs or the motorhome being out of action for the period of time you have a booking for.

This situation is unlikely but there is always a possibility. If an owner has to cancel we will issue you with a full refund and dedicate ourselves to finding you a suitable replacement if possible. The price of the replacement motorhome is as always determined by the owner, whether it be greater or less than the original motorhomes rental price.

Goboony is not responsible for reimbursing holidaymakers for any costs outside the platform that are incurred in their motorhome holiday (for example campsite fees etc).


Some of our owners don't hire out their motorhome's frequently enough to have a full self drive hire policy. If this is the case, you will need to take out a pay-as-go insurance, a flexible solution to insure you for an adventure in the UK or in Europe.
You can easily get a quote and insurance for a trip from DayInsure.

Key Handover and return, damage and deposit ( deductible) on Goboony

"An Owner can set what the Deductible or Own Risk is in case of damage on their listing. This is shown in all ads. Additionally, when a booking is confirmed it is clearly stated what the deductible is in case of a damage. It is in the email confirmation of a booking, under 'Booking details'. This is stated again in the rental agreement once a booking is confirmed. The Own Risk is applicable per separate damage.

The Own Risk can be reduced to £150 via Carefree Travel option on the Goboony website."

It's only natural for accidents to happen from time to time. If you'd rather have minimal stress during your holiday, reducing your own risk and deductible is a great idea. With the Carefree Travel option of Cover Genius you can reduce your own risk to £150 through Goboony (this is paid instead of a security deposit).
You can take out the insurance policy directly when confirming your booking, or up to 3 weeks before departure, via your booking overview.

Motorhome owners set a deductible (determining the deposit amount), for the hire of their motorhome. The deposit that a hiring party must pay typically matches the excess of the vehicles insurance policies. The holidaymaker may opt to lower a bookings deductible, decreasing their deductible to £150 by using Goboony's (Carefree Travel option).

Goboony holds the amount paid for the deductible until the end of the rental period or the vehicle is returned. If there are additional charges, then the vehicle owner must submit a claim within 48 hours of the vehicle being returned (for example for extra mileage, refuelling, cleaning costs, damage, etc.).

If an owner puts forward a claim for an additional cost, we will mediate and settle this. The Goform serves as the starting point. Make sure it is filled in correctly, both on departure and return of the camper to ensure prompt and proper resolving of any issue.

"In the advertisement of a camper, and when confirming your booking, you will see the amount required for the deposit (deductible).The deposit is paid as part of the total fee.

Payment of the deposit is required 3 weeks before departure date. If there is no claim against the deposit following the hire, the full deposit is refunded by Goboony within 72 hours. If a claim has been made against the deposit, this time may differ on a case by case basis.

PLEASE NOTE: depending on your bank and credit card company, the return amounts will appear 2 to 15 working days after we have transferred the deposit amount from Goboony.

The deductible can be reduced to £150 if the Carefree Rental option is taken on a booking. "

It's only natural for accidents to happen from time to time. If you'd rather have minimal stress during your holiday, reducing your deductible is a great idea. With the Carefree Travel option of Cover Genius you can reduce your deductible to £150 through Goboony.
You can take out the insurance policy directly when confirming your booking, or up to 3 weeks before departure, via your booking overview.

Goboony's Carefree Travel Option

No. We have chosen to have the settlement process take place through Goboony. We have direct contact with the relevant people at the insurance company and will in cases deviating from standard fairness and reasonableness ensure that the insurer pays out quickly.

Then the deductible would apply twice and the holidaymaker would have to pay £150 twice and the insurer would reimburse the deductible to the owner twice.

If you go over the agree number of kilometers, or if there are cleaning costs, or small repairs needed etc. this will be taken out of the £150 deposit. However, if the costs come to more than the £150 Goboony will charge you for any additional charges agreed on the GoForm.

Please contact us prior to the beginning of the rental trip and we will get in touch with the insurance provider to cancel the policy.

Yes, as long as it is 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the rental trip.