Deciding to rent out

The Goboony website is very advanced and easy to use. This attracts many potential renters and Goboony makes sure a clear and understandable rental agreement is provided. We will help you with everything regarding the process of renting out your motorhome during those times that you aren't using it.
We will take care of everything so that you don't have to. On top of that, you will earn back the costs of your motorhome, or even more.

Being an advertiser it’s likely you have terms to which a traveler must be held. You can require a minimum age, as well as a required drivers license. You can permit people to smoke in the motorhome, and allow or forbid pets. To set this up navigate to My Campers, and select Booking Terms in the menu on the left.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions and by activating a listing you have declaring your vehicle is in compliance with UK law and regulation.
This means that your vehicle is road worthy, is safe to use for rental and camping trips, and that the vehicle is adequately insured when out on hire.

For your motorhome you can add a 'rental module' to your insurance policy. Various insurance companies offer this option.

With this extra module you will be fully insured if a renter causes any damage to your vehicle. Moreover, with most insurers, roadside assistance and courtesy cars are included in this module.

Please remember to ensure you know how rental will work with your insurance policy. It is vital that you check with your insurer to make sure you rent out knowing you are covered.

Goboony is a community marketplace for unique motorhomes. You are most welcome to advertise your vehicle on our website, as long as you meet the following criteria:

By making a motorhome available I guarantee that the motorhome:

a. meets all basic safety criteria;
b. meets our criteria; it has to be self propelled (no caravans allowed) and have at least one designated sleeping area/ bed.
c. is 100% owned by you.
d. has been regularly maintained as per advise of the manufacturer.
e. has been MOT certified and tested, and you are in possession of the MOT document that proves the motorhome is certified and tested for the rental period.
f. has been insured, at least ‘Third Party Liability Insured’ and all taxes, like road tax have been fully paid;
g. is completely damage-free, unless when this is expressly agreed upon with the traveler.
h. contains all necessary fluids, (like motor oil, brake-fluid, coolant, etc.) unless anything on the contrary has been clearly outlined in your listing and formally agreed upon with the traveler.
i. Has passed any required safety checks such as but not limited to, obtaining a gas safety certificate (particularly for older vehicles), ensuring that all doors and steps and windows are in proper working order and safe to use.

In case we discover your motorhome is violating our guidelines we at Goboony reserve the right to suspend, restrict, deactivate or delete the advertiser account. Please read our Terms and Conditions to get more information about advertising your camper on Goboony.

Every motorhome owner can become an advertiser! It’s free to sign up and place an ad for your motorhome.

Absolutely! You can create as many ads as motorhomes you have.

We expect advertisers to respect the privacy of travellers. We cannot provide you with legal advice, however we want to point out that using surveillance equipment can result in legal issues in your jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to inform travellers regarding any cameras or other surveillance equipment you might have in your camper, and acquire approval when necessary.

We don’t want our travellers to be caught by surprise. That’s why all motorhomes advertised on Goboony are required to meet the following criteria:
- The advertiser must own the motorhome.
- The motorhome must be well-maintained, and safe to participate in traffic on public roads.
- The motorhome is MOT certified, and the MOT is still valid.
- Road tax is fully paid for, and the motorhome is clean.
- The motorhome is insured: Third Party Liability Insurance, Restricted Comprehensive Cover, or Comprehensive Cover.
- The motorhome features national or international emergency services, or it is explicitly clarified that the traveler is required to arrange this himself.
- The motorhome features national or international replacement, or it is explicitly clarified that the traveler is required to arrange this himself.

We think everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom provided of a motorhome. The more the merrier, as long as they meet our conditions. Rental companies are also allowed to create a profile and advertise. Please contact us in case of special needs or collaboration suggestions.

It is possible to have your advertisement online within 5 minutes. It is important to add some nice and clear pictures of your motorhome so that people can see what kind of motorhome you have to offer. When your advertisement is online you can expect booking requests soon after. In general, there is more demand than supply. So if your pictures are nice and clear and your price is reasonable, chances are you will receive your first booking request within the first week.

Goboony is expanding into different countries. You are likely therefore, to receive booking requests from tourists from all over the world who come to visit the UK. You decide whether they can rent your motorhome. If your advertisement on Goboony is not in English it will automatically be translated into English for tourists from other countries. The conversation with the renter will probably be in English. If you need any help with that, please feel free to contact us at

At Goboony we believe in your freedom to choose what information you need . However, we do suggest that an owner should only rent out to people they have sufficient information on. Always ask your holidaymaker to share a DVLA code so that you can check that you are happy with them as a driver. Furthermore, you should ask for proof of address in the form of a utility bill or other form of Identification. This way you know exactly who is renting your motorhome and it will give you that extra feeling of security. The best thing to do is put this in your listing description so that people know what they need to provide before they confirm a booking. If you have specified that you need certain information the responsibility is on the hirer to provide this. Not doing so will mean that you are able to cancel the booking, ensuring you are only hiring out to people you feel comfortable with.

We understand you need to get at least a rough idea of how many rentals you can take before you invest in buying a motorhome with the intention of renting it out. The best way to get info on this is to get in touch with our team. Listing but not accepting several bookings will lower your score, and mean that you will get a lower representation of your booking potential than if you only joined after committing to purchasing an

If you have already committed to buying a vehicle but don't have it in your possession yet, you can list. Ultimately, it comes down to a question of whether or not you can honestly accept and confirm bookings. If you have not reached that stage, it is important that you do not publish a listing as this is false advertising. If you have a motorhome coming into your possession and want to start taking bookings for when you will own it, you are allowed to do so.

Those who purposefully advertise falsely on Goboony will be removed and banned from the platform, and will be liable for damages.

I own several motorhomes and have my own business, am I still eligible to rent out?
Goboony welcomes small businesses and helps them grow! Just because you have an existing business doesn't mean you can't benefit from using our platform to fill up your calendar.

My business profile name
When you register you can outline the name of your business and it's contact details. However, when it comes to providing your name and phone number, you will need to provide the name of the person who will be answering booking requests not the name of your company.

profile pictures for business accounts
We understand that you are proud of your business, and want to showcase your logo. However, unless you are registered with us as a business you will need to use a photo of a real person. This works well in the sense that people are far more likely to book on Goboony if there is a human element to a profile, this means a personal Bio with a real name and a photo of the person using Goboony for the business.

Any further queries
If you are unsure about any of our community rules regarding pricing, handling of payments or any other aspect of taking rentals through Goboony, please clarify with one of our team so that you get off to the best of starts. Furthermore, if you wish to advertise your own business on Goboony and for your profile to appear as such, this can be arranged. However it will mean changing your account to one that pays a small commission on rentals instead of being free to use.

Can I hold the deposit myself?
Goboony prefers to hold the security deposit for rentals as this gives the hirer more trust. However if you have to hold this yourself for insurance reasons please get in touch with us to arrange this. You have to specify clearly on your listing that this is the case so that people looking to rent your motorhome are made aware.

How it works

Yes, in most cases. Goboony shows motorhomes owned by companies as well as private advertisers. Private advertisers usually offer motorhomes up to 25%-50% cheaper than those offered by companies. This is because we don't own a fleet of motorhomes that spend most of their lives parked in an expensive lot. we save money so you do too!

If you want to place an ad for a motorhome click List your Motorhome at the top right of the page.

1. Complete profile. Before you can advertise your motorhome you have to complete your profile. This way the traveller can read some information about you.

2. Complete 3 steps to place your ad. You can create an advertisement in 3 easy steps. Step 1 asks you about the features of your motorhome, insurance, roadside assistance and about a replacement vehicle. Step 2 is uploading your photos. Step 3 is to set your rate and minimum amount of rental days. After agreeing with the terms your ad will then be added to our system.

3. In your dashboard (go to ‘My Camper’) you can choose to give some additional information about your motorhome or change your ad. You can update the availability of the motorhome, add cleaning fees and add different cancellation terms. You only have to update your agenda once, from now on your agenda will be updated automatically.

4. Travellers can now book your motorhome. Your motorhome is now available in the search results and travellers can make a booking request. If they do, you will be notified via e-mail. Make sure to respond fast (within 24 hours). Travellers appreciate fast responses and it will increase your chance of a good review! If you have any further questions, you can contact us or the travellers.

5. Accepting. Being an advertiser, you have 24 hours to respond to a request. You will receive an e-mail when a traveller wants to book your motorhome. If you accept the booking request, the traveller will receive a payment request. You will receive an e-mail and the message will appear in your dashboard on the Goboony website.

6. Traveller payment. The traveller will receive a payment request after the booking request is accepted. Travellers can pay with credit card. The money will be transferred to the account of Goboony, where it will be safe. 24 Hours after the key exchange the money will be transferred to your bank account.

7. Goform. About a week before departure you will receive the Goform. This is a form which will allow you, together with the traveller to indicate any damage on the vehicle. You receive all contact information of the traveller at the same time, this way it's easy to keep in contact with each other. Of course you can still communicate via Goboony.

8. Inspection. At the start of the trip you will hand over the keys. You fill out the Goform together and write down the current mileage, any damages and agreements about returning the vehicle.

9. Payment. If the inspection went according to plan we will transfer the money to your bank account within 24 hours.

Yes, this is certainly possible and allowed. You are free to use Goboony as a means of filling up your calendar. The main thing to consider here is that if you are approached through Goboony you keep the booking through us. It breaks our terms and conditions to redirect a user to another site to complete a booking.

Simply put, if they find you on here they need to book on here!

Accepting a booking request

The rental agreement springs to life as soon as payment by traveller is completed. The Goform needs to be signed at inspection by both advertiser and traveller.

In case the advertiser decides to require travellers to sign an additional contract, apart from the Goform, this contract, as well as all of the terms in the contract, are to be mentioned in the ad. The easiest way to do this is by mentioning the contract in the description of the ad, and by copying and pasting this directly in the conversation with the traveller.

Please bear in mind Goboony cannot assist you in enforcing the terms of the additional contract on the hiring party.

When a request is made, you may respond to it via the buttons: ‘accept’ or ‘decline’. We strongly advise you respond to these as soon as possible as this is the best way to confirm a booking. The ideal time would be within 24 hours of the booking being made. You can of course respond later than that, however it is statistically far more likely to succeed when a prompt response is made.

You are at liberty to discuss further details in the conversation with the traveller before responding to a booking request. You will rise or fall in searches on Goboony depending on how prompt and reliable you are with responding to requests and messages. Keeping on top of it will make using Goboony all the more fruitful!

You should aim to accept all bookings, as this is a sign that you are on top of pricing, availability and details regarding your motorhome. Naturally, you aren't to blame for not accepting a booking where the hirer has not read the conditions you have set out and requests a booking that would not comply with them, e.g. age limits, and any other factors of hire that would break your house rules. The important thing is that you have all your information up to date and displayed, that way everyone has a better experience on the platform.

Of course using any new site can take a bit of getting used to. However, declining and not responding to requests after your tenth request may result in your calendar being blocked until action is taken to improve the accuracy of your listing.

The general rule of thumb is that if your listing has all the correct info regarding pricing availability and house rules etc there would be no reason why you aren't able to accept a request.

The more accurate your information the less time you and your potential hirers have to waste and the better everyone's experience!

Security Deposit

A deposit will help cover costs and deductibles. Advertisers are recommended to add a deposit to their ads before a reservation is booked. Deposits cannot be paid in cash, since payments circumventing the Goboony platform are violating terms and conditions.

When a reservation is accepted, the details of the deposit, and payment information of the advertiser will be saved. There are no additional charges and no deposit will be withheld, unless the advertiser makes a claim. An advertiser is allowed 72 hours after return date to claim the deposit.

If an advertiser claims a deposit we will mediate, the Gofrom will be crucial at this stage of the dealing. When required, we will withhold the necessary amount from the holidaymaker.

In case you want to charge a traveler for additional kilometers or damage to the vehicle, we request you to notify us within 24 hours after return of the camper. Please fill out the Goform (which you’ll have received at the moment of rental) and send it to us, preferably via In the event of a fine or toll-charge please send an email with a copy of the fines/toll-charge to

To protect the payment of the hiring party, and compensate advertisers for incurred damages during a reservation, we require all payments to be done via Goboony. The only exception to this would be if your insurance policy requires a clear and traceable payment directly from the hirer to you. We deal with this on a case by case basis so you will have to contact us before doing so. All payments circumventing the Goboony platform, including deposits and extra charges, are a violation of our terms and conditions unless previously agreed upon.

To add a deposit, navigate to ‘My Motorhome’ and select ‘Pricing’ in the menu on the left. You can set the deposit in the ‘Additional Costs’.

You decide who can rent your motorhome. Travellers usually introduce themselves when they send a booking request. Then you have the possibility to start a conversation with the traveller on the Goboony website to find out if you like them. Of course there is always a small possibility that your motorhome is damaged when it returns. Therefore we have the option to ask for a security deposit. Bigger damages are usually dealt with by the insurance. Goboony will help you in case you have noticed damages.

The deductible is the maximum amount you are able to charge a hirer for a single damage. in the event of their being multiple damages or issues with the motorhome upon its return your deductible will dictate the maximum amount you can charge per damage - e.g damaged curtains, a scratch to the paintwork etc.

Changes & Cancellations

Being an advertiser, you are entitled to alter the rates of your camper. You can do this by clicking Change Rates in a booking request. Providing this is done prior to the booking being confirmed. A confirmed booking can not be changed!

You can cancel a booking. As long as the status reads ‘booking request’ or Accepted, which means payment hasn’t been completed. You can do this free of charge. As soon as the status changes to ‘confirmed’ the cancellation terms mentioned in our terms and conditions will apply.

To cancel a booking, navigate to My Bookings and click ‘details’ on the correct booking. Next, you will find a button in the column on the right that reads: Cancel Request or ‘Cancel Booking’. By clicking this button a pop-up screen will appear, reading a warning. Realise that cancellation terms apply when you cancel a confirmed booking. This could involve fees. By clicking Confirm Cancellation your booking will be cancelled.

You can contact us directly at, then one of our team will assist you in amending your booking.

To view your cancellation terms or change them, navigate to ‘My Campers’. Select the camper. Click ‘Cancelation Terms’ in the menu on the left, under ‘Terms’.

You can choose three different types of terms, flexible, moderate, and strict. You can compare terms in the table, and select the one that is right for you. If you advertise multiple campers you will need to select the terms for every camper individually.

When a traveller cancels a reservation the cancellation terms you have chosen will apply. When creating the advertisement you can choose from three options; flexible, moderate or strict.

Please note: if the traveller cancels within 72 hours of you accepting a booking the cancelation terms will not apply.

Calendar & Availability

You can view availability by clicking the Calendar at the bottom of the page. Green days are available. By hovering your cursor over a day, you will be able to see the price per week for that day.

By navigating to My Campers, and selecting the tab calendar you will see an overview of your blocked periods. Dates you’ve blocked yourself will show as black. When you accept a reservation the period in your calendar will be blocked automatically.

By clicking Availability in the maintaining area of your ad, you will be able to view the calendar.

Black indicates that the date is blocked by the advertiser.

Green indicates that the date is available.

Blue indicates that the camper has been booked for that date.

To setup a minimum amount of rental days navigate to My Camper and then to the tab Price. Below the button Standard Rates, you can enter the minimum amount of rental days. Make sure to hit Save at the bottom of the page.

It is important to bear in mind that short breaks of 3-4 days are very popular, and sometimes setting too long a period for the minimum amount of days for rental can result in fewer bookings.

To make your ad go public, enter all fields. At the bottom of the menu a button will show how many steps are left before your ad is ready to be public. As soon as you’ve entered all required fields, click Ready and your ad will be made public.

To change your rates navigate to 'My Motorhomes' and select the camper of of choice. Choose Pricing in the menu on the left. Here you can enter the standard rate per week and per day. You can also enter an altered price for certain periods. You can do this by clicking Pricing right under the button Seasonal Rates. Enter your start date, finish date, week rate and daily rate for this period. To change availability select availability in the menu on the left. Here you will see an overview of your calendar and you can blocked periods. Blocked periods will be highlighted in black in your calendar.

It is certainly possible to only rent out your motorhome last minute. Many renters are looking to book a motorhome for the upcoming weekend, so it is possible for example to decide on a Monday you want to rent out your motorhome for the period of Friday to Sunday. When considering last minute bookings make sure you check with your insurance as they can at times need prior notice.

We understand that some users have their motorhomes listed on sites other than Goboony, This is of course absolutely fine to do. If they find you through another means and make a booking there is still the very simple matter of updating your calendar on Goboony. This ensures that users of the site only request to book motorhomes that are available and makes the process smoother for everyone else on site.


Most advertisers and travellers are capable of dealing with any problems that may arise with a booking. In case a problem arises, please send a message to the advertiser, or traveler, first. This is often the best way to deal with problems occurring before, during and after the trip.

A lot of answers can be found within our FAQs.

In case you want to contact the Goboony team, please send an email to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

It’s also possible to call us on: +442081441677. We are available on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

If you have a confirmed booking the contact details of the lead hirer will be available to you on the booking in question.


At Goboony, you always determine your rates. To get an idea of what kind of prices people rent for, view other ads on our site.

As a starting advertiser you might be better off charging a slightly lower fare, since travellers will compare your ad to other ads that might have many reviews. As soon as you’ve received some reviews, you can raise the price accordingly.

You can set different rates for different seasons. This enables you to set a higher rate during the summer, but still earn on your motorhome during the quieter seasons. Additionally, you can add extra rates, for instance cleaning fees.

You can also enter an altered price for certain periods. To change your rates navigate to My Campers. Click Rate right underneath the button Seasonal Rates. Next, enter your start date, finish date, week rate, and daily rate for this period. You can then set a daily and weekly rate of your choice to be in effect during this time of year.

Please note: Make sure that you double check the dates including the year this is to come into effect. Furthermore, if you wish these rates to apply for recurring years, please check the box that allows for this.

You can add cleaning fees by navigating to My Campers. Navigate to the tab: Pricing. You can enter cleaning fees in Additional Costs. Click save to save the cleaning fees.

To change your rates navigate to My Campers and select the camper. Choose Pricing in the menu on the left. In this section you can change the standard rate for weeks and for days.

You can also enter an altered price for certain periods. To change your rates navigate to My Campers and go to Pricing. Click Add a rate underneath the button Seasonal Rates. Next, enter your start date, finish date, week rate and daily rate for this period.

On Goboony you are able to add certain discounts to encourage people to book last minute, or to book for a longer trip.

These are called the last minute and long trip deals

Both of these discounts can be set up by going to my motorhome then pricing and scrolling down to optional deals. From here you can decide the percentage of discount you want to offer for certain booking conditions.


First of all make sure you have filled out your bank details in your account.

In order to protect both advertiser and renter, Goboony pays the rental fee 24 hours after the key exchange. After the money is transferred to your bank account, it can take a couple of days before this is processed by your bank.

In case the trip starts on the weekend, the payment will be processed on the first working day following the pickup.

To view your cancelation terms or change them, navigate to ‘My Campers’. Select the camper. Click ‘Cancelation Terms’ in the menu on the left, under ‘Terms’.

You can choose three different types of terms, flexible, moderate, and strict. You can compare terms in the table, and select the one that is right for you. If you advertise multiple campers you will need to select the terms for every camper.

In most countries on the Northern Hemisphere the high season for motorhome holidays starts in April and lasts untill October, about 25 weeks in total. The demand for motorhomes is huge for the summer holiday period. Typical earnings per week vary between £350 and £1000. On a yearly basis you can earn £5000 to £15000 a year, depending on your motorhome, location and its availability throughout the year.

You will find an overview of payments in the transaction history. Navigate to Bookings and click Transaction History.

We charge service fees for bookings. These fees are in place to mange the website and services. The service fees are calculated from the rental amount, excluding bonds. The advertiser gets 100% of the determined rate. The service fees will usually be between 5% and 15% of the total amount.

Different tax rules apply in different countries. Goboony recommends that you check with your local tax agent if you need to pay tax over the income you generate with renting out your motorhome. Typically the income is not taxed under £5000, however as the sharing economy grows this is likely to change. †

Any external costs that are levied against the vehicle whilst you are renting it are to be paid by the hiring party. This includes but is not limited to: speeding fines; parking tickets; congestion charges; emission charges and toll road charges. If there is any doubt over the charge The owner is required to show proof that the vehicle incurred these charges whilst out on hire (which is determined by the rental agreement). Please note, that these charges are not related to any such costs concerning the repair of the vehicle or any service required on it, rather external costs.

Every bank account has an IBAN. Yours can typically be found on a bank statement and will begin with Gb (if it is a UK account). Alternatively you can simply ask someone at your bank or use an online IBAN calculator.

List your motorhome

Everyone can share an ad they like on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. advertisers can reach more people by sharing ads on social media, than by simply advertising on Goboony.

To share an ad, navigate to the ad and click the correct icon on which you’d like to share it. Simply follow the instructions.

You can setup the location of your camper by navigating to ‘My Camper’, and clicking ‘location’ in the menu on the left. After inserting the location hit ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.

To change your ad click your name and than My Campers in the top right. Here you will see all the ads you’ve placed. To change an advertisement simply click on the motorhome you want to change. Save the changes you've made by clicking save at the bottom of the page.

To add amenities to your camper, click your name, and then ‘My Camper’. You will now see the tab ‘amenities’ on the left.

Being an advertiser, you can use your house-rules to determine what is, and isn’t allowed in your camper. Rules like allowing smoking, or pets, can be added to the booking terms and conditions, so it’s not necessary to re-mention them in the house-rules.

Motorhomes of all shapes and sizes are being advertised via Goboony. To our opinion no motorhome is ever too old, too new, too small or too big. Every kind of motorhome is qualified to rent out. Everything is possible, as long as it is safe.

Using the Goform and Rental agreement

If you use your own terms and conditions that's fine, so long as the hiring party is sent them in a reasonable amount of time.

Goboony will not enforce another businesses terms and conditions unless they are signed by the hirer and the signed Goform states that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the company using Gobooony.

It is compulsory to get the Goform signed both before the motorhome is driven off and after the motorhome is returned. Please ensure this is done to avoid difficulties regarding any disputes over damages that may be sustained during rental.

Goboony can not guarantee deductions from the security deposit for damages if they are not listed on the Goform which has also been signed by both parties (before and after rental).

Furthermore, Goboony cannot adjudicate on deposit matters based solely on testament from either party.

Naturally we aspire to resolve any support cases to the best of our ability, however this is made far easier by proper use of the Goform and rental agreement.

Goboony will still try to mediate in this case, however an outcome in your favour cannot be guaranteed. We expect both the owner and the hirer to make time to go over the vehicle together thoroughly and not to sign off the Goform until both parties are completely satisfied. It is best to contact the hirer directly first if you find something you missed when inspecting the vehicle, as it's better for them to hear from you before they hear from us.

Messages & Communication

A booking status can be one of the following:

- Information request: a traveler is asking for information.
- booking request: a traveler has requested a reservation for a certain date.
- Accepted: the advertiser has accepted the booking request for a certain period. The booking is completed after the (first) payment has been received.
- Declined: the advertiser has declined the reservation.
- Confirmed: The reservation has been paid and is completed.
- Cancelled:The Advertiser or traveler has cancelled the booking. The cancellation terms and conditions now apply.

If the traveler wants to inspect the camper in advance, it’s possible to arrange this with the traveler. We recommend you to handle all bookings via the website to ensure your safety.

In the event of your traveller being late, they are likely to notify you via email or another means of contact that they will arrive later then expected. However, since many travellers would not have access to a phone during their trip. It is also possible the Traveller would be unable to contact you.

As long as the reservation is marked ‘confirmed’ in your Goboony account, the reservation is active. You can check the status in the advertiser confirmation. In case your Traveler decides to cancel, we will put your cancelation terms into effect.

Here are a couple of ways to contact your Traveler:

- Call the Traveler via the phone number they provided you with.

-Send a message via the Goboony conversation.

-Send an email to the private email address of the Traveller.

If you are an advertiser, you will receive messages regarding your booking requests in the tab ‘My Bookings’ in the ‘details’ of the booking.

Whenever you send a message to a Traveller, they will receive a notification via email. If the Traveller clicks ‘view message’ they will be redirected to the conversation.

You will see a notification appear in the top right corner of the Goboony website whenever a new message has been sent. A notification badge with an envelope will appear. Clicking this will redirect you to the conversation with the Traveller.

Another possibility is to navigate to ‘My Bookings’. If you click ‘details’ of a request or booking, you will find the conversation there as well.

Email and phone numbers will only be shared after payment is completed. Before then, you can communicate via the conversation on the website.

For privacy reasons, all contact between advertiser and traveller must be conducted on the website before a booking is confirmed. Recurring attempts to communicate otherwise can result in having your account deleted from the website, as mentioned in our terms.

A booking status can be one of the following:
- Information request: a traveler asks for information.
- booking request: a traveler requests a reservation for a certain period.
- Accepted: an advertiser has accepted the booking request for a certain period. The booking is completed, after payment has been received.
- Declined: the advertiser has declined the reservation.
- Confirmed: de accepted reservation has been paid en is completed. The cancelation terms and conditions apply.
- Canceled: advertiser or renter has canceled a booking. The cancelation terms and conditions are to be followed to conclude the cancelation.

You can navigate to the dashboard by clicking: ‘My Bookings’ in the menu. On this page you’ll find an overview of requests, reservations and bookings. By clicking ‘details’ you will get a detailed view of the request, reservation or booking.

By clicking ‘Availability Calendar’ on the left, you will find a calendar with blocked periods and reservations. This way you can easily see when your camper is available, in which period.

You can enter your bank details by clicking ‘Payment Preferences’ on the left, in the menu.

You will find an overview of all reservations and payments in the ‘Payment History’ tab.

Aside from the fact that it is really important to respond to all booking requests you receive, you can also inform travelers that your camper is not available for the requested period.

Responding within 24 hours is important because responding quickly will keep your response time on a good level.

When a traveller makes a booking request , you will receive an e-mail, text or an app notification. In that e-mail you will see a button which will take you to the website. There you can easily accept or decline the request.

If you go to directly you have to click on your name in the top right corner. Click on My Bookings. There you will find the booking requests.

Remember that if you have to decline the booking due to information not available to the hiring party such as the motorhome not being available for that booking, you are required to update it immediately.


High quality photos are a great way to present your camper, adjust traveller expectations and increase bookings.

Follow these tips for photos:
- Resolution is important, place photos of at least 1024 x 683px. When in doubt, a larger photo is better.
- Take your photos in landscape mode. Vertical photos won’t show you camper at it’s best.
- Make sure there is enough light, take photos during the day.
- Clean your camper before taking photos, and tidy it up. This will help to make your ad more appealing.
- The more photos you add, the better. This allows your potential travellers to get a great impression of your camper.

You can add photos, delete them, or order them by navigating to ‘My Camper’ and clicking the tab ‘Photos’. The button ‘Add Photo’ you can select photos on your pc and add them. You can move photos by clicking and dragging. You can delete the photo by hovering over it, a trash can will appear in the right top corner, simply click it to delete the photo.

One of the best ways to receive bookings is to inspire people. Do you have a family or a group of close friends you travel with? Take some nice photos that depict the experience people can have in your motorhome, set the table for dinner or pour a nice glass of wine so people get the sense of what a trip in your motorhome could be like.
A nice photo of people outside the vehicle on a sunny day is also a great way to instil a sense of adventure in your prospective hirers!
The best way to look at it is that you are advertising your motorhome, so get creative with your visuals!

The simple answer is yes. Naturally if the difference is simply that you've added a sticker to your bumper it is not vital. However, you are obliged to display what your motorhome actually looks like. making all information on your motorhome accurate and clear is the best way to manage the traveller's expectations and result in a mutually amicable rental with a good review to follow!

Avoiding and dealing with issues during the Rental Period

The hiring party should know of any pre-existing damages or faults in the motorhome. They should know how to use specific aspects of the motorhome so that they do not damage it on the trip, e.g. how to properly pull out the awning.

The hiring party should also be informed about the vehicle’s insurance policy. They should know if breakdown cover or a replacement vehicle is provided prior to setting out on the rental trip.

Goboony's Carefree Travel Option

Some vehicle owners have to hold a deposit themselves due to their insurance policy. in this case the holidaymaker can still opt for Carefree Travel, but he will then have to pay both the Goboony deposit (£150) and the usual deposit to you. In case of a claim, the holidaymaker will submit the damage claim to Goboony after he has settled it with you.

No. We have chosen to have the settlement process take place through Goboony. We have direct contact with the relevant people at the insurance company and will in cases deviating from standard fairness and reasonableness ensure that the insurer pays out quickly.

Then the deductible would apply twice and the holidaymaker would have to pay £150 twice and the insurer would reimburse the deductible to the owner twice.

You are free to choose yourself how high the deductible is set. If you ask a lot more than usual, your vehicle could become less attractive to holidaymakers and Carefree Travel would cost them more.

It could of course be the case that extra kilometers, cleaning costs, etc. must be charged to the holidaymaker and which come to a total higher than £150. Even if the holidaymaker has only paid a £150 deposit, Goboony will, as now, charge the additional charges that they agreed to upon signing the go form following a rental.

Research has been shown that there is no link between a lower deductible and being less cautious with a hire vehicle. However, to avoid real carelessness we have not reduced the deductible to £0 but to £150. We also tell travellers who choose Carefree Travel that you, as the owner of the vehicle, expect them to travel with your motorhome as a "good caretaker” and be very careful with it. As the vehicle owner, you want to go on holiday again in your motorhome!

The costs for lowering the deductible depend on various factors; among other things, the level of the excess that the vehicle owner has set and the length of the trip. There is a daily fee for taking out the insurance.

Login on Goboony,
Click on your name at the top and then on the 'My Motorhome’ option in the drop down menu,
Click the ‘Prices' button on the left side of the screen,
Then you scroll down a bit and you will find the section ‘Additional Costs’,
Here you can change the deductible for your vehicle.

Managing an advertisement on Goboony

If for any reason your motorhome is not available for hire on Goboony at any point, you are required to block the given dates in your calendar.

To do so you must do the following:
1.Click on your profile picture (circle in the top right of screen Then click 'My Motorhome'
2. Scroll down to the section on the left 'Conditions' on the 'Availability' sub header
4. In availability, scroll down to 'Blocked periods' and in it the button 'Add a blocked period'
Select the dates and click save. It will now be saved in your calendar.
Repeat step 4 for every upcoming period that the vehicle is unavailable.

If you want to charge a daily rate during a time period that is not reflected in our low, shoulder, or peak season dates, simply head into pricing on your listing and scroll down to add special rate , that way you can set the exact prices you want, whatever the time of year. It is very important that you set these up before people start making booking requests.