Online security on Goboony

When you make a booking request through Goboony, the payments will be done within our secured payment environment. Your contact details won’t be released to the other party until the booking is confirmed. Furthermore, the payment itself will not be released to the motorhome owner until 24 hours after you collect the vehicle.

Goboony has a secured communication platform and works with a number of verifications to build trust. This is also a good way to get to know the people you are communicating with.

To prevent fraud we strongly suggest you to do all payments within the secured Goboony platform.

When someone asks you to do the payment outside of the Goboony website, stop all communication and please alert us.It is essential to do all communication and transactions on Goboony. It is difficult for us to help you if the communication and payments are done via a different website.

To secure your account you should be careful with suspicious links in messages from other users, even if they are familiar. Their accounts could be hacked. If you suspect you received a “phising-message”, stop all communications with this person and please alert us.

To verify your phone number, go to Edit profile and click on Add phone number. After you entered your phone number, click on verify through text. You will receive a text message with a code. Enter this code on the website, and click on verify.

Verifications are a way to connect personal information to your Goboony profile like Facebook, Google+, e-mail address and driver’s license.

Through verifications of these platforms we build trust on our platform and it can help you decide if you want to rent out your camper to a certain traveler.

You can find the terms and conditions at the bottom of the website. We recommend reading them thoroughly before accepting or making a booking request through Goboony. Be sure to be well informed of your rights and the ways in which we can aid this process for you!