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With many of the NHS working long shifts and commuting to hospitals that are sometimes several hours away, we are all looking at how we can do more to help make their situation more manageable.

Goboony is calling all motorhome owners, both those on our platform and not, to come together and make a small difference. We would like to offer motorhomes to any NHS workers who could benefit from being able to stay closer to work and out of their current living situation. This would allow them to rest more between shifts, and not be driving through exhaustion or risking themselves on public transport. This would help minimise the amount of people who come into contact with those infected, and help to slow the spread.

We are asking motorhome owners willing to rent out their vehicle at a discounted price to get in touch with us. We will not be charging any service fee for these bookings, as we view this as a necessary public service for those who are working so hard to keep our country safe. We will be getting owners in touch with local NHS staff, and then help to form the rental agreement and a temporary insurance to accommodate the booking.

If you live in the UK and have a motorhome, or would like to know more, please get in touch with Goboony.

If you know someone with a motorhome, please pass on the message.

Let’s give NHS workers the comfortable bed they deserve following a long shift!

Why hire a motorhome through Goboony?

  • Free cancellation if Covid-19 prevents your holiday

  • 40% lower pricing than traditional rental companies

  • Choose from the largest fleet in the UK

  • Affordable £150 deposit with our Carefree Travel insurance

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