Hire a Conversion Van with Goboony

With all the various motorhome hire options available nowadays, it is getting increasingly difficult to sit down and select just one van to take on holiday! Are you after a classic Volkswagen, desiring a spacious Swift, or delighting after the sacred Bongo? Or perhaps… none of the above! For your next motorhome hire holiday, you should hire a conversion van with Goboony! 

Conversion vans are a form of smaller, subtler motorhomes. They blend in seamlessly, appearing to the rest of the world as a normal van. But inside they have been completely renovated, a little home has been created within these walls. 

Why hire a conversion van?

  1. They are easier to drive, you can keep an eye on the cars around you better and reduce the chance of damage.

  2. The cost of driving them is significantly cheaper than an RV.

  3. They fit into parking spots easier than a large motorhome, so you can park anywhere, anytime.

  4. They’re usually cheaper to rent, as they were less expensive to purchase and maintain.

  5. It feels fun and sneaky, as no one outside knows you’re living in it!

So for your next summer holiday, weekend getaway or romantic trip, consider hiring a conversion van with Goboony! We’ll help you find the perfect van for your trip through a private owner, so that you can focus on the adventure ahead. Will you go wild camping in Scotland, head over the Channel for an exciting road trip through France or simply head south to enjoy the beauty of Cornwall? Whatever you choose, your conversion van will be your trusty home on wheels for the duration of your trip!

Why hire a motorhome through Goboony?

  • Free cancellation if Covid-19 prevents your holiday

  • 40% lower pricing than traditional rental companies

  • Choose from the largest fleet in the UK

  • Affordable £150 deposit with our Carefree Travel insurance

  • Personal support
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