Jobs at Goboony

Goboony is growing and needs you

This is your chance to become part of Europe's fastest growing motorhome sharing company! You will have an exciting job in a young, fast-growing, dynamic and international company.

Goboony allows people to experience the thrill of renting a campervan or motorhome in a new place, maybe even on the other side of the world! We are about adventure and discovery and believe that a journey on the open road captures the essence of freedom. You determine where you are going, where you stay and how long for. Goboony is all about sharing this freedom.

Goboony is a young, fast growing, international company with great ambitions. We work to discover new opportunities and bring together enthusiastic motorhome owners and holidaymakers. We allow people to share and earn whilst providing people with accommodation and transport for a holiday!


Positions opening soon: Data Scientist, Growth Hacker, Product Owner.

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We usually have room for several interns every year at Goboony. If you think you could be a fit for the team, please get in touch! Here are some potential areas for internships:

  • Sales & Supply
  • Content marketing (Social Media, SEO, video/photo creation)
  • Customer Service
  • Online Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Front-end & Back-end Development
  • Community Building
  • Graphic Design

Native speakers of the following languages?

We are regularly looking for enthusiastic native speakers who can help us in expanding abroad. We are often looking for native speakers in: Flemish, Italian, English (UK) and German. Speakers of these languages can expect to be involved in the following roles:
Customer support -You will help motorhome owners and holidaymakers realise their dreams and build a rapport with them

Sales - Grow Goboony internationally through growth hacking or direct contact with motorhome owners or companies

Marketing - Utilise growth hacking techniques and tools, visuals or content campaigns to grow our community

Communication - Create content, build communities and use PR to help grow Goboony's online presence 

Is Goboony the company for you?

Are you ambitious, enterprising, smart and a little idealistic? Are you willing to go the extra step, do you have the drive to acquire new knowledge and share it? Then we may be an ideal match!

We don’t have office cubicles or closed off and intimidating rooms. We work together and have a positive upbeat work environment. We enjoy a good chat, and not just about business! Our platform is about people and our community as well as the company.

At Goboony we are always learning new things as we go, whether it’s using new programs or finding out more about great places to visit, we guarantee you will acquire new skills. You have the freedom to develop your own projects and take ownership of them: discover new ways forward, be a valuable member of the team and shine like a rockstar!

If you are interested and would you like to get started with Goboony, get started right away by sending an email to Attach your CV and explain what you think you can offer and what you want to achieve. We will get back to you soon! #LETSGOBOONY

If you want to know how we work to protect our employees' personal data, you can read Goboony Employee Privacy Policy.