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Can I ask the Advertiser a question without sending a booking request?

Of course! You can message the Advertiser without making an actual request - in case you have some questions first, or are not sure of your dates but want to inquire. This is how:

  1. Click on the listing you're interested in
  2. On the right you'll find Send a Message, you may need to scroll down first
  3. You will need to be logged in to do this, so otherwise first make an account.
  4. You'll be presented with a choice: 'Check price and availability first' to ensure it is available if you have specific dates in mind, or 'No I have a general question' if you're still open and simply curious. To ask only a question select the second option!
  5. Type in your message and choose Send Message, the more details you can give the Advertiser, the more helpful it will be!

You will be notified by email when the Advertiser has responded, if it takes over 24 hours you can get in contact with the Goboony Support Team.

✅Your messages are not visible to other Advertisers or Travellers

✅Messages and Requests hold no obligations until the first instalment is paid

✅Your contact details will be hidden from the Advertiser until a booking is confirmed