What Should I Do if My Motorhome Gets Damaged?

May 31, 2016 in Tips for Owners

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Something can always go wrong. This could happen to you as a renter or it could happen in your motorhome. Fortunately, you can insure for most incidents easily and inexpensively. 

What should I do if my motorhome gets damaged?

Situation Who takes care of it? Who pays for it?
Breakdown on the road Alarm centre Insurance company
Collision caused by renter Alarm centre Renter (deductible) +
Insurance company
Collision caused by third party Alarm centre Insurance company
Flat tire Renter* Renter
Engine/technical problems Renter* Owner**
Damage to the interior Owner Renter (deductible) +
Insurance company
Failure in motorhome amenities Renter: for a refrigerator, heater, or similar, a loose version can often be bought for less than £100 Owner**

* the alarm centre takes care of possible towing
** only when there is culpable behaviour by the renter can these costs be be recovered from them

Many insurance companies will compensate a replacement motorhome with their rental module. If your motorhome can't be repaired within two working days, replacement transport will be deployed or reimbursed by your insurance company. Any additional claims will be handled by Goboony for you. Make sure to check with your insurer what your coverage is in the event of the situations mentioned above!