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March 30, 2018 in Destinations and Italy

If you get the chance to, you should definitely visit Sardinia in a campervan! A touring holiday around the Island makes for a truly immersive and unique experience, and of course you can see the best places in Sardinia easier when travelling in a campervan. The island is one of the most popular summer destinations, what is less known is thast it is a great location to visit all year round? We will share with you our take on where to go in Sardinia to make the most of this beautiful island.

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Itinerary for Sardinia

The island of Sardinia provides an extensive repertoire of events every year. The events in Sardinia are closely linked to the tradition and characteristics of the island. The best places in Sardinia are set in various locations so driving around makes this a lot easier. Below I will talk about three events that you can participate in during the months of April and May with related itineraries.

1. Muravera Citrus Festival

If you were wondering where to go in sardinia In April we have a great suggestion. How could one of the events dedicated to citrus fruit in Sardinia be missing from this list? On April 8th there will be the 46th Sagra degli Citrumi di Muravera. This event is brought to life by all the local agricultural businesses, and is significant as it marks the beginning of the Sardinian tourist season. There will be conferences, exhibitions, events, tastings of typical products as well as a competition for who can make the best mural. Groups of performers dressed in traditional Italian folk clothing will decorate the island with their colors and marvelous handmade costumes. They will dance accompanied by the sound of Launeddas - a typical Sardinian woodwind instrument made of three pipes.
The streets of Muravera, moreover, will be adorned with multicolored carpets and tapestries and will be followed by festival floats that display themes of the agro-pastoral life of the past.

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Starting from Cagliari you can reach Muravera in about an hour and a quarter by crossing the SS125var and you can stop at the "Bellavista Camper Service", a fully equipped rest area for adults and children. By booking a pitch for your camper, you can take advantage of all the services for free and you can participate in various activities organised by the Camper Park. There is a large service area for draining dirty water and accessing drinking water, an electrical connection, the beach, as well as BBQ and picnic areas, a snack bar and a bazaar where you can buy magazines and fresh bread by reservation. There is also a playground for the little ones, a nurse, toilets and showers, coin-operated washing machines, a kitchen area, a vegetable shop to buy fresh vegetables, parking for your visiting friends, a shuttle service to the city center, gas exchange if your tank is running low, a place to rent bicycles, canoes, quads and rafts, organised excursions for trekking, kayaking and mountain biking, babysitting if you need a day away from the kids and, moreover, pets are allowed and there is even a shower area for our four-legged friends!

2. Sant'Efisio

Many people come from all over the world to visit Sardinia every year, from the 1st to the 4th May for the Feast of Sant'Efisio in the city of Cagliari. It is said that Sant'Efisio defeated the plague that was exterminating the people of Sardinia, and to honour this hero, a statue representing the saint runs along the coast where he died. In the district of Stampace, Cagliari, there is mass every year in the small church of Sant'Efisio and the procession is opened by carts, (called traccas in Sardinian), pulled by oxen covered with flowers and ribbons. The city wears traditional costumes featuring people dressed as knights alongside launeddas players. The procession starts from Giorgino and arrives at Nora the following day. The statue of Sant'Efisio will return to Cagliari on May 4th, at the end of the procession.

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Ten minutes from the center of Cagliari you can stop at "Camper Cagliari Park", where you will find illuminated pitches and water discharge and loading. Camper Cagliari Park is a great choice as it is located close to the city center, offers a convenient price for a break combined with a professional service and overall an excellent value for money.

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3. Sardinian Cavalcade

Do not miss the traditional Sardinian Cavalcade of Sassari that turns 69 this year, and will animate the city from 9 to 21 May. The first Cavalcata, according to the writer Enrico Costa, was there in 1711, when, at the end of the Spanish domination, he deliberated a ride in homage to King Philip V of Spain. Horses, knights and acrobatic figures characterize the event and there are traditional songs and dances. It is somewhat like a fashion show, everyone wears the characteristic traditional dress, usually enriched with embroidery and gold and silver filigree jewels. The afternoon is dedicated to pariglie (equestrian rides where the bravest riders perform in the city racecourse, doing acrobatics on the horses in the race).
During this exciting time the streets echo ancient music and there is also an interesting live museum! Besides the awe-inspiring scenery, the Cavalcata shows you the amazing essence of the island.

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Starting from Olbia you will arrive in Sassari in almost an hour and twenty via SS729 and SS597 / SS729. Once there, you can stay at "Campsite International". The cost ranges from € 16 to € 22 per night and is a rest area equipped with waste water disposal, chemical toilet disposal, water and free electricity. It is also equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, toilets, laundry service, free Wi-Fi, visitor service, disabled access and waste disposal. Our four-legged friends are welcome here too so if your dog was lucky enough to be part of this trip they will love it here too! If there’s anything else you need, a few steps from the Camp you will find the train station that will take you right to the city center.

Now you know where to go in Sardinia, you might need to find your transport and  If you want to go to Sardinia with a camper, you can easily rent a camper van on Goboony. There is still a great selection of campers available, but don’t wait too long as supply typically gets booked up closer to high season.