Travelling in a Motorhome During COVID 19

April 28, 2020 in Tips for Travellers and Your First Motorhome Trip

In the 2 metre distanced society that we’ve found ourselves in, the best, and perhaps only, way to enjoy a holiday is by hiring a motorhome! We’re living in stressful, unprecedented times, and everyone deserves a break. But, we don’t want to make things worse, and following governmental guidelines is vital. So that’s why you should consider motorhome hire for your Corona-proof getaway! 

Be sure to follow all government guidelines regarding travel at the moment, and visit the NHS and WHO for reliable information about COVID 19.

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Why should I travel by motorhome during COVID 19?

Aside from all the general reasons to hire a motorhome, during Corona we need this freedom of travel more than ever. It’s the best way to get away from home, whilst staying 2 metres away from everyone, and here’s why:

  1. With a motorhome, you have your own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom (a literal home on wheels!). This allows you to avoid interactions with others as much as possible, as you can cook your own camping meals, avoid lines for a bathroom and more.
  2. Driving in a motorhome ensures that you avoid public transportation, a real danger spot for Corona! Don’t risk yourself and others by travelling by plane or train, even when it’s allowed again at first. Play it safe, and enjoy the comfort of a motorhome.
  3. You can go to more rural areas. To avoid large campsites, either find smaller ones with the help of travel apps, or consider overnight parking in your motorhome. There are plenty of great choices for wild camping in the UK. So enjoy the fresh air, sitting under the stars, and no one in sight.
  4. It’s good for your mental health during Corona! Okay, maybe motorhome travel isn’t specifically, but getting out of your home is. We can all get a bit stir crazy at home, and yearn to go explore and enjoy ourselves. Motorhome travel lets you hit the road, and enjoy new places, without putting anyone at risk.
  5. Staying close to home. Even when regulations are loosened, you never know when a second wave could hit. Don’t risk being in another country when borders are closed. Instead, enjoy a staycation in the UK, and know that you can adapt your holiday as needed. 


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Hygiene Protocol for Motorhome Hire During COVID 19

Whilst private motorhome hire is still a safe and fun way to travel during COVID 19, you do need to take certain precautions into account.

Picking up the motorhome:

  1. We’ve recommended owners send an online manual or video instruction for their motorhome before pick up. Please review the information in it carefully, beforehand, so you can raise any questions you might have, preferably via the phone. You’ll find this phone number on your GoForm on the booking page.
  2. If you have flu-like symptoms, or any signs of illness, do not go to pick up the motorhome, have someone pick it up for you.
  3. Ensure you keep the transfer short, and always remain 2 metres away from the owner. Do not enter the motorhome at the same time.
  4. If you need to open any cupboard or doors, do it yourself, as the owner has thoroughly cleaned the motorhome prior.
  5. Bring a pen for signing the GoForm.

Returning the motorhome:

  1. The owner should have left cleaning products in the vehicle to ensure you can thoroughly wipe it down. Be sure to clean the motorhome as late as possible before handing it in.
  2. If the owner has left microfiber cloths, you can use these with only water, as no cleaning product will be required.
  3. Be sure to empty the toilet cassette and water tank.
  4. Don’t shake the used laundry items within the motorhome, as this could spread the virus through the air. Be sure to wash any items of your own that you used in the motorhome at the highest possible temperature, and disinfect your laundry basket afterwards.
  5. Just before handing in the motorhome, wipe all contact surfaces once more, eg. door handles, handles, the steering wheels, the keys)
  6. Allow the owner to check the vehicle, and take space so you’re not to close. 
  7. Wash your hands before and after the handover.

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With a little extra care for the hygiene protocol, we can still enjoy a fun and safe holiday during COVID 19! There are plenty of things to do in a motorhome during self-isolation. Take this time to explore the best road trips in England, or try wild camping in Scotland. Look after yourself, and plan ahead to better times!