The Role of Goboony

30 May, 2016 in Tips for Owners

Goboony is a motorhome sharing platform, aiming to get motorhome owners in touch with motorhome lovers or soon to be lovers! Since most motorhomes are used for only a few weeks of the year, whilst there are other individuals who wish to travel in a motorhome but do not have the funds, time or space to own one individually. Thus, we hope to bring these people together, so that everyone can enjoy the freedom of motorhomes and benefit from it. Here we will discuss what our role is in this entire process, as the third party to the rental.

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Providing the Platform

As we are not a motorhome rental company, the motorhomes listed on our site are privately owned and not ours to speak for. We provide the website and platform for Advertisers and Holidaymakers to find each other and conduct their business. Doing so on out site ensures safe methods of payment, as we send the rental fee to the Advertiser once the rental has begun and the Holidaymaker has the motorhome in their possession. We work to make the procedure as simple as possible, with providing various filters and options when searching for a van. We quality check the Advertisers on our site, to provide customers with safe options only. It is up to an Advertiser to respond and to accept a booking, but we will encourage them to do so quickly.

The Rental Agreement

Before the trip begins, both parties agree to our provided Rental Agreement. This document lists the rules, which both parties are agreeing to. We also provides copies of our GoForm, a document that both parties should fill in prior and following the trip, to ensure that any damages are agreed upon. It is vital that both parties fill in the GoForm before the trip and following it, as this will allow you to agree on any pre-existing damage or damage caused. If this is not done, it is difficult for Goboony to help in settling disputes, and it does not provide us with the evidence necessary. The rental agreement is between the two parties however, as Goboony is not involved in it, we simply provide the tools for it.

The Mediator

During the trip, Goboony holds onto the deposit (unless required otherwise by the Advertisers insurance). This is to ensure that if any additional costs occur following the trip (e.g. additional miles, gas, cleaning) can come from this. This also is the case for any damages that occur. The advertiser has 3 days to block the deposit for damages, otherwise the deposit will be returned to the Holidaymaker. If there is damage, Goboony will mention this to the Holidaymaker if the Advertiser has not already, and await an invoice for the damage. Then Goboony will share the costs with the Traveller and wait for their approval to reduce the amount. If a disagreement occurs regarding the reparation costs, Goboony will act as an outside mediator. Furthermore, if a booking is cancelled by either side, it is that side that is liable to pay any costs or compensations, not Goboony.

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As an outside party to the rental, Goboony is basically here to help bring the two parties together to ensure clear communication. We act as a safekeeper and a judge if necessary, but allow the rental to occur between the two groups. As who knows their motorhome better than the owner itself? Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask, contact us at