The Goboony name

October 19, 2016 in About Goboony

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Everyone is always curious of how we came up with our name. The word ‘Goboony’ is actually a small tribute to New-Zealand, where founders Mark de Vos and Foppe Mijnlieff met each other. They both had their first experience with motorhomes here and happened to cross paths.

The story:

November 17, 2011, Mount Fox Glacier, New-Zealand. Foppe and his family were heading North and Mark and his family were heading South. They happened to cross paths and started talking. After about half a day of drinking coffee and exchanging nice insiders tips about good spots in New-Zealand, it was time to continue their adventure (not knowing they would meet four years later and will start a company together!). New-Zealand was also the place where their addiction of experiencing freedom via a motorhome began.  

Because of this new virus that started in New-Zealand, the founders wanted to create a name related to the country. New-Zealand is an English speaking country and as every other place in the world they have their own ‘slang’, words or sentences that usually only the locals fully understand. 'In the boonies' is slang, and actually means 'in the middle of nowhere'. This word was the inspiration for another word: ‘boondocking’. This means parking your motorhome in the middle of nowhere, and using the facilities your motorhome offers.  
Mark and Foppe both think the most important thing about camping is to choose your own freedom. Having a motorhome enables you to go everywhere your want and be completely mobile. You can stay for a longer period at the places you really like, or decide to leave a certain place that may not live up to your expectations.

With this idea in mind they started Goboony, to let everyone experience the freedom of a motorhome.

Let's Goboony!