Surfing Holidays in Cornwall

11 October, 2018 in Destinations and England

Do you love surfing but don’t have the money or time to fly to Portugal or even Australia? Don’t despair! You can find amazing surfing spots all around the UK, many of which can easily compete with the beauty of Algarve or the waves of Sydney. Some of the biggest professional surf competitions take place in the UK, so you don’t have to worry about inadequate conditions. Though surfing here can get a bit cold, with the proper equipment and especially a good wetsuit, you’ll be good to go and enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and one of your favourite past-times! In this post, we will give you some tips about surfing holidays in Cornwall, which beaches to visit and where to take surf lessons!

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When you’re visiting Cornwall you can theoretically surf on any beach you find, but there are of course some spots that stand out for their consistency or quality of waves and good weather conditions. If you’ve already got some experience, you should visit the Newquay area to surf, as it boasts with the best surf-friendly beaches in Cornwall!

Fistral Beach, Newquay

There is a reason why this spot tends to be so crowded during the summer months - it is the best known and most beautiful surfing beach in Cornwall, with waves up to 8ft high! If you’re an experienced surfer, are looking for great conditions and don’t mind waiting your turn with the perfect wave, then Newquay is the surf place for you!

If you’re looking for surfing beaches in Cornwall to learn to surf, you can sign up at the Newquay Activity Centre Surf School on Fistral Beach for some great lessons for beginners and renting out of all equipment you need to ride the waves!

Porthtowan Beach

This beach is one of the best spots on the coast! Not as known as many other places, you are likely to find it a little less crowded, giving you the chance to ride as many waves as you want. The waves tend to be quite fast and hollow here.

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Sennen Beach

Sennen beach is the most westerly beach in Cornwall, which means it is also very exposed. What is great about this spot is that due to the shape and width of the beach, you can find waves of up to 6ft on one end and much smaller waves at the other. This makes it one of the best surfing beaches in Cornwall, as it allows beginners and experienced surfers to get what they need from their surfing experience!


This one is for all the hardcore enthusiasts, with waves that reach up to 12ft, that are not only tall but powerful, if you’re looking for a challenge this is the place for you. It is worth a visit during your surfing holidays in Cornwall even if you don’t stay for too long, as the sheer size of waves here is really something incredible to see!

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Polzeath on the other hand, is the perfect place for beginners. With gentle waves that are perfect to practice on, you should definitely consider visiting if you want to learn to surf. At times with the right conditions, waves become a little bigger and so even if you’re an intermediate surfer, you will likely be entertained!


This is the perfect spot both for beginners, intermediate surfers and pros. It is a beautiful, long sandy beach with a lot of greenery around. Since it is such a vast beach, you will have enough space to do your thing without having to worry about other surfers. On top of all this, there is a surf cafe, where you can get a drink or a snack and rent out equipment!
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If you are looking for a great place to stay for your sufing adventure then look no further than Monkey Tree Holiday Park, perfect for those wanting to check out Fistral or Perranporth beaches! Surrounded by beautiful Cornish countryside, the park has won many awards for quality, including the all important Loo of the Year, and also has fantastic environmental credentials with a Gold David Bellamy conservation award. When you are not surfing there are lots of other acitivies to get involved in from scuba diving to fishing on site!

Prices start from £14.25

GPS: 50.352327, -5.092005

Hendra Croft, Scotland Road, Newquay TR8 5QR, UK

There are so many spots all around Cornwall that are great for surfing and it’s up to you what it is you are looking for. Hopefully this short list of some of the highlights inspires you and allows you to enjoy your surfing holidays in Cornwall to the max! Remember that a great way to spend your surfing holiday is by renting a campervan and chasing the waves from spot to spot and not being tied down by hotel reservations. Check out Goboony for some campervans and motorhomes you can hire in Cornwall for your surfing adventure!