Roadtrip Through the Netherlands - Part Four

June 15, 2017 in Destinations

We've sadly left Groningen and come to our last instalment: Drenthe! We leave the urban style of Groningen for the more natural scenery that Drenthe has to offer, which can easily be discovered through the Knapzakroutes suggested! They are all about fifteen kilometers long, and allow access to the most beautiful spots on Drenthe. We have our favourite five below!

Walks through these paths are beautiful and calming


This route is more about North Drenthe. It shows some beautiful nature, as well as teaches the history of the two villages. The walk begins in Altena which has an interesting history, despite its youth. From here, you hike to Lieversche Diep. The stream here is one of the few retained Drenthe streams. Onwards through the estate of Mensinge, across narrows cliffs and passed Klunderveen and finishing in Peize, which itself has a rich history.



Believe it or not, but once upon a time Gasselternijveen was once one of the most important Dutch ports! Soon the ships became too large for the small port, but the captains had become attached and thus still registered their ships to the village. Echoes of this can still be seen, and you will notice so on the walk. The walk also takes you to Drouwenerzand, once the most dreaded sand spray in Drenthe.

Many exciting cycling trails can be found in Drenthe

Barger Compascuum-Hebelermeer

Near the border with Germany are the villages of Barger-Compascuum and Hebelermeer. The area they are in has an interesting past of peat workers and lonely shepherds. The area was never used to connect to interesting places, but this route leads you along roads that allow you to get to know the landscape very well, one which you used to extremely rough. 


This was the site of the development of a cattle colony in Hoogersmilde, or ‘Olde Smilde’ as it was known at the time. Now, Hoogersmilde is the starting point of this walk. The hiking trail takes you to the Blue Lake, which hosts crystal clear waters and white beaches. You also are able to walk over to Leggelderveld and discover the most unknown pieces of the Drents-Friese Wold National Park.

Scenic walks on the Knapzaproutes are a must do if visiting the Netherlands on a road trip


This walk takes you to the village of Zwiggelte and its beautiful surroundings. Just outside the village, you walk between old farms, fruit groves, old-fashioned vegetable gardens and small bushes full of young animals. In addition, the walk takes you to the Zwiggelterveld, where you will find spots in Kamp Westerbork. There is also a lookout tower you can climb on the way, to gain a wonderful view of the area. 

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