One Reason To Visit France, Ten Reasons To Book With Our Partner Homecamper!

August 18, 2017 in Tips for Travellers

Look no further for a place to stay with your motorhome!

“Nine out of ten holidays are now booked online but a recent report by Tourism France noted that only 28% of campsites can facilitate this, compared with 79% of hotels. With the industry slow to shift to digital or social platforms, appeals perfectly to families and a younger, more adventurous traveller who is always ‘connected’ via multiple devices, living life ‘on the go’.”

“We have hosted sites across the whole of France with expansion into the rest of Europe starting next month Whether you are in a motorhome, camping under canvas or looking for a glamping experience, HomeCamper offers something for everyone, whatever your passion or budget.” Continued Etienne.  

With the school holiday’s underway, and many families not having decided where to head to this summer, HomeCamper has ten reasons why they offer a more authentic French camping experience. 

  1. HomeCamper sites are hosted by locals who are passionate about their region and ready to give you a warm, personal welcome when you arrive. Many are artisan producers who will be delighted to show you around and share their local knowledge on the best places to experience or things to do during your stay. Goboony Homecamper Blog Winter Chartreuse Treehouse
  2. Camping is about freedom! Because HomeCamper works perfectly across mobile or tablet, travellers can be more spontaneous in where they want to go or do. Easy to navigate, search and book on the go gives you greater flexibility. 
  3. Our host sites are less crowded with only a maximum of six pitches allowed at each host location. This means you won’t be surrounded by hundreds of other campers, screaming children or someone’s washing hanging up a few feet from your tent. With HomeCamper you can experience a real feeling of the great outdoors! Goboony Homecamper blog moules et baucels
  4. Camping is perfect for families. Ditch the TV and computer screens and get back to nature, swimming in lakes or rivers, making campfires and exploring the beauty of the French countryside or coast. Our campsites are all family friendly and you can search locations by ‘local attractions’ too. 
  5. With over 3,000 places to stay, HomeCamper has prices to suit all budgets with many starting at about 10-15 Euro’s a night, giving you more money to spend on other things during your holiday.
  6. Our hosts love dogs. With 24% of Brits owning a four-legged friend they can enjoy France with you rather than be sent off to kennels. Also, at many of our sites, dogs aren’t required to be tethered or on the lead. Goboony Homecamper blog dog friendly campsites
  7. Around 51% of us book a holiday to indulge in outdoor activities or hobbies. On the HomeCamper website you can search by location, by activities and by amenities, allow you to travel across France doing exactly what makes you happy.  France has over 880,000 km’s of secondary roads or lanes that make perfect cycling holiday’s, plus the world’s longest single cycle route, 1200km of mostly coastal road from Roscoff in north-western France down to Hendaye in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.”
  8. One in ten Brits rank food as the most important reason why they choose to book a certain destination. France is the world’s gourmet capital with 13,500 local producers, amazing local restaurants and with regional specialties it has everything a foodie could dream of. 
  9. HomeCamper is the perfect way to see all the events France has to offer. From music festivals to petrol heads at Le Mans or following the stages of the Tour De France. We have hosted sites that are perfect for you. Goboony Homecamper Blog Charite sur Loire Chateau
  10. Wine and Champagne. With over 27,000 vineyards and over 100 champagne houses you can book your holiday based on your favourite tipple. Many of our hosts produce their own wine, so you don’t have to worry about driving either!
    Goboony Homecamper blog Blaix Cognac vineyard

 “Whilst we are focused on adding more unique and beautiful campsites across France in the lead up to the spring, HomeCamper is also working to take the concept across Europe. For more information and booking check out



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