Motorhome Hygiene During Corona Virus: How to Keep your Campervan Clean and Safe

April 24, 2020 in Tips for Owners and Everything about Corona

The information below has been compiled to the best of our ability, and knowledge at the current time. We aim to update this post with increasing research regarding the Corona Virus. But if you are seeking reliable information regarding COVID 19 and how it spreads, please turn to authoritative sources such as the NHS and WHO.

As we navigate through our new 2 metre distanced society, we realise that it actually leaves motorhome travel as the ideal way to move. We can get a little stir crazy at home, and heading onto public transport, airplanes or crowded hotels is the opposite of what we need. But travelling in a motorhome allows people to get out of the house whilst still self isolating, complete with your own bed, kitchen and even bathroom. 

Renting out during this time could let you still earn back some of that summer rental fee, and keep busy throughout your own isolation. But to send travellers on a safe journey, and ensure your own wellbeing, we need to really consider the hygiene protocol for the motorhome as never before. 

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A Clean Motorhome for the Traveller

As we know, COVID 19 is best spread through physical contact with others. Current research suggests it has a short lifetime on surfaces, but this is still being further investigated so we cannot draw definite conclusions. And so, here are our recommendations for a Corona-proof motorhome hygiene protocol, including regular motorhome cleaning tips.

  1. Wear cleaning gloves before you enter the campervan.
  2. Aim to use several cleaning cloths, cleaned consistently throughout, to ensure you’re not spreading anything further. Look into microfibre cloths for the ultimate cleaning security, but make sure you don’t use product or wash it in water between, as the dirt captured will only be removed by a washing machine run.
  3. Your usual cleaning products should be sufficient, as you don’t want to risk damaging your motorhome with something too strong.
  4. Be careful not to splash your cleaning water on yourself, and if you do wash it off immediately. This contains the dirt and potential bacteria you’ve just wiped.
  5. Give extra attention to the following areas, particularly between handovers:
    • Door handles and locks
    • Light switches, other switches
    • Kitchen counters
    • Faucets
    • Appliance and equipment handles (e.g. fridge, oven)
    • Cabinet exteriors
    • Steering wheel, gearshift and seat settings
    • Keys
    • Sanitary facilities - tap, sink, toilet
  6.  Be sure to vacuum thoroughly, particularly any debris.
  7. Do not shake the dirty laundry, especially not in your home or the motorhome. This minimizes the possibility of dispersing the virus in the air. Wash the laundry at the highest temperature that correlates to the care instructions. If you put it in a hamper or basket, even temporarily, make sure you clean and disinfect that as well.
  8. If you have a rug or blankets in the motorhome, clean them thoroughly as well. Any duvet or pillows should be wiped down and kept outside briefly.
  9. Don’t forget the ‘random’ things too! Outdoor tables and chairs, a bike rack, any other extras.
  10. When you’re done and ready to wash your cloth, be sure to do it at 60 °C. Do not wash microfiber cloths with fabric softener, and do not place them in a tumble dryer.
  11. Wash your hands and arms as soon as you’re done handling all equipment. Avoid touching your face throughout, but maybe give it a quick wash after for good effect. If you touched any door handles or other areas before you could wash your hands, give these a proper wipe down as well. 

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A Safe Vehicle Handover

By prioritising your safety, you’re helping the traveller as well. The handover can seem like a daunting aspect of motorhome hire during COVID 19, but it can be carried out safely for both parties. Here are some tips for ensuring a safe vehicle handover during Corona.

  1. Firstly, if you have a cold or any other symptoms, do not carry out the handover yourself. Partly because you should be in bed resting, but also to protect others. 
  2. A great way to ensure a short and sweet transfer is to send instructions, or even a video instruction guide, to the motorhome before the traveller comes. Aim to do this a week ahead if possible. It not only keeps the transfer safe, but it can also reduce questions or issues during the trip! You only need to film it once, and then you can reuse it for all future bookings - even post Corona!
  3. Have the motorhome ready before they arrive, to reduce the time they need to be there. This also means that you won’t need to be in the motorhome when they are, so you can keep a safe distance.
  4. Provide a few (microfiber) cloths and other cleaning supplies in their van, to ensure that they can give it back in the same state.
  5. Keep 2m distance throughout the handover. This can be hard, so be sure you really know how far this is, or mark it with chalk or a piece of outdoor furniture so you can be sure. 
  6. Don’t shake hands, and don’t enter the motorhome with them.
  7. Fill in the GoForm ahead of time, and ask them to bring their own pen for their parts. Not possible or they forgot? Wipe down a pen for them both before and after use.
  8. Wash your hands before and after the handover - both times!

For the motorhome return:

  • Make sure you made clear agreements on how you want the vehicle returned, to reduce time and proximity during the meeting. You should always do this, to avoid discussion and deposit disputes, but now more than ever. Write it down, step by step, what you expect from them. Then they have no reason to not comply.
  • As mentioned, provide them with the right cleaning products to ensure they can do a good job on their own. Ask the traveller to wipe all contact surfaces right before return.
  • Agree explicitly for the traveller to empty the toilet cassette before return.

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With a little attention to detail, and taking the right precautions, your motorhome can be rented out safely, and without concern. These are our motorhome cleaning suggestions for the Goboony Corona procedure., but if you have any to add, we’d love to hear it. Be sure to check credible sources for your information, and keep safe through this tricky time.