Haunted Places to Visit This Halloween

05 September, 2018 in Experiences

Halloween is just around the corner, which for many people means one of the most exciting holidays of the year; spooky decorations around the house, putting thought into a (hopefully) original costume, trick or treating, Halloween parties… But maybe you’re getting a little tired of your classic Halloween routine and are looking for ways to do something new and exciting this year? Or maybe you’re just interested in the events that are happening around? Whichever it is, we’ve put together a little guide with some tips for places to go for halloween, from haunted houses around the UK to unique Halloween events. Enjoy the read!

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Halloween haunted houses

#1 Warwick Castle

For ten days leading up to Halloween, the Warwick Castle is turned into an attraction for the whole family - bring your kids during the day for a fun, not too scary experience but come at night and you will be truly terrified by all the actor!

#2 London Dungeon

If you’re making a list of places to go for Halloween, the London Dungeon is one that must not be missed! Located at the Westminster Bridge, you can come experience a frightening yet funny experience and hear and hear the city’s craziest, scariest stories all performed by great actors. Take a journey through the dungeon for a once-in-a-lifetime Halloween experience!

#3 Scaresville - The Haunted Village, Suffolk

Scaresville is known to be one of the best haunted houses in the UK. In its 10th year as of 2018, Scaresville has been really led to perfection with regards to attractions, actors and props. Upon entering, you experience an hour of of laughter, fear and a lot of adrenaline. Buy your tickets now!

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Haunted places around the UK

#1 Chartwell, Kent

You may have heard of Chartwell, as it was the home of Sir Winston Churchill from 1924 until his death. Churchill himself once wrote that he saw a ghost of his father in one of the armchairs and many visitors after his death reported to have seen or heard the ghost of Churchill, some even saying they could smell cigarette smoke, even though nobody in their vicinity was actually smoking. A piece of history and on top of that one of the most famous haunted houses in the UK, you shouldn’t miss out in this one!

#2 Treasurer’s House, York

This mansion in York is one of the most known haunted houses in the Uk and is famous for housing ‘Ghosts of the Greatest Longevity’ and many people claim to have ad visions of ghosts of soldiers all around the house, especially in its cellars. Though, as with many of these ‘haunted’ places, there are explanations for most of the apparent sightings that have been recorded there, this mansion is so beautiful and well-kept, that it’s definitely worth a Halloween trip!

#3 Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

William Windham III lived in Felbrigg almost 200 years ago and when a fire broke out, he risked his life trying to save books from his treasured library. He succumbed to his injuries from the fire a few weeks later but visitors of his library report to have seen him reading books in various places around the library, coming back to read the books he did not have time to save. Some say that when an exact combination of books is placed on the library chair, that’s when the ghost appears.

#4 Ancient Ram Inn

Ancient Ram Inn is a B&B owned by the same family for the last few generations; some say it is built on sacrificial grounds and is home to all the ghosts of the people that have died there. The owners say they have learned to live with these few unwanted visitors, and if you are brave enough, you can stay the night and see for yourself, whether the house is really haunted. Be careful though, because visitors were reported to even jump out of the windows of their rooms out of fear (they are on the ground floor though, so you don’t have to worry about an injury). If you love to get spooked, this is the place for you!

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So where are you planning to spend Halloween after reading this article? For a true spooky Halloween experience, why not consider hiring a campervan at Goboony and going around as many Halloween events as you like and then camping out and telling each other scary stories? Bring some treats with you though, to make it a sweet Halloween!