Why camping in spring is so great!

24 January, 2018 in Experiences

1.See an abundance of wildflowers during spring.

One of the most stunning phenomena taking place in the countryside is the dazzling display of bluebells daffodils and all manner of other wild flowers. These start blooming as early as January but it is in spring when the diversity of species and colours is in full bloom.

Goboony Spring Camping wild flowers bluebells

2. Wildlife emerges in spring.

As you probably know, a lot of wildlife comes out of hibernation and gives birth to its young in spring. Out in the countryside you’ll see young lambs the return of many migratory birds. woodland campsites start to become a melody of bird song and the hustle bustle of nature.

Goboony spring camping wildlife bird oystercatcher

3. Fewer insects at this time of year. 

Something that does put a lot of would be campers off is the prospect of being swarmed by gnats mosquitoes and all manner of small beasties. Many a summer evening camping out has been marred by insect bites. Going on a road trip in spring one notices that things are a lot quieter  when it comes to insects. You won’t even need to bring insect repellent.

Goboony camping spring forest bug leaves

4 Campfires are even more appealing. 

There is simply nothing like having a fire when you’re camping and somehow a campfire seems improved and more appreciated when the air is cooler and its warmth a necessity. Remember to make sure you are allowed to have a campfire before you start rubbing sticks together!

Goboony spring camping campfire logs burning

5. Staying in the motorhome on rainy days is cozy.

A harsh reality of the good life is that not all holidays are 25 degrees and sunny. Now that this has sunk in it’s time to think positive. Even a road trip with a lot of rain is still a holiday. Bring some cards or board games with you and connect with your fellow holidaymakers. Most motorhomes are built to withstand all seasons, so April showers should be no problem. Snuggle up with a blanket and watch a film or read and you’ll find peace under the pattering roof.

Goboony camping spring raining motorhome interior

6. Stay in a quiet Campsite.

 Despite everyone being assigned a pitch on most sites. you’ll never feel crowded at Eco Camp UK’s woodland campsites as each pitch has its own space but good weather and school holidays mean there are inevitably more people around in the summer. Come in spring and have your camping experience without the crowds.

Goboony camping spring campsite quiet motorhome nature

7.Spring air is Fresh... Really fresh!

 At this time of year breezes  are cooler and make for fresher air and even April showers can be welcome – bringing out the glorious smell of the earth that you just don’t get when the sun’s been beating down for days. If you spend most of your time living and working in a city it’s easy to forget how fresh and clean air can be. It’s probably about time you gave your lungs a treat and gulped down some.

Goboony Camping spring waterfall fresh air nature

8.Spring weather is unpredictable. 

This one requires some optimism on your part. The old saying of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best comes into play here. If you head out in the motorhome for a camping trip in spring you will at least be cozy and safe from the elements. The weather does often have intense bursts of sunshine in spring, which will seem like a bonus after you packed all those rain coats and heavy duty boots. It can sometimes be the opposite to unfortunate camping trips in August where sunshine is expected but campers end up being confronted by endless drizzle.

Goboony camping spring April showers sunshine weather

9.Hire motorhomes for less in Spring

There is a lot to be said for having more in your holiday budget. Motorhomes typically go for 75% of full price when it is in the shoulder or low season. Naturally this is due to the high demand and popularity during the summer months. This in addition to the slightly lower demand for motorhomes in spring means you can make last minute plans without having to pay more (in fact you will end up paying less). 

Goboony camping spring cheap motorhome rental discount