Exciting New Campervans 2021

September 10, 2018 in Tips for Owners and Tips for your Motorhome

With the summer coming to an end, meaning the peak of camper season is too, it is time to look forward to what campervan manufacturers have in store for 2021. Many companies have already revealed their upcoming models, giving us time to study their functions in detail and plan which camper will be the best investment. Here is a little overview of the new exciting campers and their improvement and eye-catching novelties!Exciting New Campervans 2019 H2 Yellow Camper Camping Motorhome Travel


Ahead of their official UK launch, Hymer has revealed its new models for 2021. They claim that with this new range, they set the benchmark for A-class and low-profile coachbuilts. Hymer’s newest and perhaps most exciting innovations are the 2021 models of the ModernComfort coachbuilt motorhomes, that have been developed over the last two years and are believed to be a new step in terms of motorhome comfort. Last but not least, Hymer paired up with Mercedes Benz for a unique new range that will combine the strengths of both companies to bring customers a unique motorhome experience.


This French manufacturer has, as many other brands, decided to concentrate on interior design of its vehicles in 2021. Their main aim is to provide bigger and more comfortable lounges and beds, while simultaneously improving kitchens. Rapido says that they have spent most of the last years improving the exteriors of their motorhomes and so they would like to concentrate on interiors this time around. A big novelty of Rapido is the introduction of a new layout that includes a 150 cm wide retractable island bed and two sofas that face each other in the lounge with travel seats underneath. Not only is Rapido introducing some new, polished models but they have also made changes to existing models, such as the addition of larger fridges or face-to-face seats.

Motorhome H2 Goboony Hymer


For 2021, Auto-Trail introduces several new models and new layouts across their range of motorhomes and campervans, which consists of, as of this year, 38 models across 6 ranges. Each range has been led to perfection with tweaks of the interior to make it incredibly comfortable and spacious. You can pick from various interiors of each range, ranging from a front lounge with a half-dinette and side facing sofas to a full dinette with four belted travel seats and a single facing sofa - all of these can also be converted into a 5th and 6th berth. Smaller changes include overhead locker lighting and bicycle carrier rails.


Similarly to Hymer, Carthago has also decided to focus on their A-class models for the upcoming year. Though their main focus has been on their top-end motorhomes, they have made improvements across the different ranges. Carthago introduces a new liner-for-two, incredibly comfortable and luxurious, this new motorhome is the definition of glamping, with  a rear lounge with an electrically extending TV lounger. Some other improvements of the company include the exterior design changes of its c-tourer I models. Lastly, Carthago has been developing and tweaking its motorhomes to achieve the lightest motorhome vehicles on the market, and they have succeeded; all Carthago motorhomes now sit below 3.5 tonnes.

Goboony campervan vintage VW H2 camper

As you can see, we’ve got an exciting year ahead of us and we can expect many novelties in the world of motorhomes and campervans! Of course, going into detail about each of these models and companies would have been enough material for a book, so we hope this brief article gives you some inspiration and a bit of a guiding light when looking through new campers for the upcoming year!