European Environmental Zones

25 July, 2017 in Tips for Travellers

More and more environmental zones are being introduced in Europe, in order to promote air quality whilst counteracting car emissions. If you drive through one of these zones without certification, you will be fined. In this blog, there’s information about the different stickers in European countries.

Environmental Zones in Germany

German environmental zones are mainly found in the centers of a number of major German cities, and in a larger area in the Stirring area. You can only visit these zones with vehicles that meet exhaust gas emission standards. If you enter without this sticker, you can be fined €80 or more. There are three different types of stickers in Germany, and which one you’re given depends on European emission standards. The stickers are red, yellow and green, but you can also be refused a sticker. On, you can read all about the standards that are set. Also note that from 2018, the green sticker is no longer valid in any city or municipality in German as access to an environmental zone. Diesel-zone or blue-zones will be set up. These are temporary and alternate in line with the weather By monitoring the Green-Zones app, you’ll know where you can and can’t be with your motorhome.

You can recognise the environmental zones with the traffic sign “Umweltzone”. Beneath you can see which stickers are allowed in the zone. It may be only green stickers are allowed and so, if you don’t have that one, steer clear. Make sure the sticker is clearly visible by sticking it on the inside, by the bottom. You can buy them in several places, such as Dekra Germany. 

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Environmental Zones in France

France also has these environmental zones. The sticker here is called the Crit’Air, and there are six types, again depending on your vehicle emissions. Vehicles from 1997 and before are not eligible for the environmental stickers. Paris has an environmental zone within the périphérique, the roundabout around the center. Motorhomes in Paris need a Crit'Air 4, which is a red sticker. Lyon and Grenoble have a regulation that compels an environmental sticker on days when there is high pollution. The highways do not fall under the environmental zones. If you wish for more information, take a look at this

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Environmental Zones in Other European Countries

Also in other European countries are environmental zones. To be well prepared for travel, you can read on all about the rules regarding environmental zones in Belgium, England, Italy and Spain.

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Useful Tips

  1. If your motorhome already has an environmental sticker, then be sure to tell your renter! Alternatively, offer to arrange these for the renter. 
  2. Make sure you order a vignette or environmental sticker on time. Sometimes it may take a while for you to enter the sticker, especially now that the busy summer period has arrived.
  3. Keep in mind that new environmental zones are emerging in Europe every year. Always check for future rules in the country of destination. This way you will not be surprised!