Camper hire insurance options

08 June, 2016 in Tips for Owners

When you rent out your motorhome, you want to be covered by insurance. This is easily done with a 'Self-Drive Hire Insurance'. It's absolutely critical that such a policy is in place prior to your renting out of your vehicle: it's the best way to make sure that you're covered in the worst cases, while also ensuring that the person renting your vehicle feels safe, and secure when heading out on the road. 

At Goboony we understand the perils of navigating the minefield that is insurance. That's why we're implementing a solution, a solution in which you won't have to worry about the restrictions about who you can rent your van to. Restrictions like age limits for the renter, or renting to foreigners. Simply reach out to us at  and request more detailed insurance options, and we will guide you through it all. 

With that said, if you already have a policy that's great by us too! We don't require you to use our recommended providers, it's totally fine for you to organise insurance externally. 

Note also, that most policies require documents of the renter in order to verify that there is minimal risk of damage to your van. Goboony supplies these documents for you. We will strive to streamline and facilitate the passage of all necessary pieces of information. 

Camper renting insurance options:

There are two primary ways to insure your van and you can tailor these to fit your needs. As suggested below:

camper Insurance options goboony

Pay as you go coverage, key points:

  • limited periods throughout the year;
  • pay only for days where your motorhome is being rented out to customers;
  • seperate 'off hire' insurance is needed;
  • very flexible options, costs differ according to a multitude of factors;
    • type of driving lisence;
    • driving experience and previous claims;
    • prior offenses;
    • region;
    • length of rental period;
  • albe to cover almost any sort of motorhome;

Annual coverage, key points: 

  • annual contract;
  • unlimited number of renting times during the year;
  • 'off-hire' coverage for the owner;
  • foreign useage allowed;
  • value for money premiums; 
  • greater coverage options, like fire protection and theft;


Know that whichever option you chose to use, Goboony will be more than happy to help you figure out the complexities and intricacies that come with the policy. Insurance doesn't have to be so troubling as to prevent you from renting out your motorhome, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

On a final note, while it may seem expensive to get a policy, have no fear: you'll pay it back within one or two rentals, by which time you'll have the bug!